Halo Wars 2 Blitz Beta Beginner’s Guide Video Released
Halo Wars 2

The Halo Wars 2 is currently taking place right now, and if you haven’t managed to get in or are biding your time for whatever reason, there’s an extra incentive to lure you into the fold courtesy of a new video that’s been released to give you a look at the Blitz mode in Halo Wars 2.

The beta is currently running right now for Xbox One and Windows 10 users between January 20th and January 30th at the end of the month. The tutorial video is only six minutes long to help you get acquainted with the game. Check it out below.

The video starts with an overview of the map engulfed in the flames of war. There are some awesome animations for the Spartans taking out Covenant units.

The map on display is called The Proving Grounds.

The map features three different zones to be captured with the primary objective being to out-score your opponent. You’ll need 200 points to win.

Halo Wars 2 Blitz Mode

You start with a few units while Captain Cutter w2alks you through the basics of using troops, reinforcing units with cards, and selecting units and capturing cores.

The tutorial lasts for just over 10 minutes. You direct your troops toward the targets and you can quickly use the face buttons to assign targets. You can also quickly replenish or enforce your squad by pulling cards from the quick menu at the bottom of the screen once you attain enough energy from the cores.

Fatigued units also have lowered health and deal less damage for 8 seconds. So keep that in mind.

You can utilize different deck layouts in Blitz to reap different results. Blitz mode is pretty fast and quick, and could end up being a real e-sports lure depending on how popular game is once it launches.

Halo Wars 2 is scheduled to launch next month in February. You can look to pick up a digital or physical copy of the game for Xbox One or Windows 10.


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