Halo Wars 2 Replaces Resource Management With MOBA Cash Shop Cards
Halo Wars 2

Get ready to be disappointed: Halo Wars 2’s Blitz mode isn’t just a one-off featuring the cards. The MOBA element that the mode introduced recently will be one of the new ways to play Halo Wars 2.

PC GamesN picked out a quote from the Gamespot interview they had with Creative Assembly executive producer David Nicholson, who explained…

“[…] One of the things that we want to focus on is this is an RTS for everyone, so it needs to appeal to people who’ve not played RTS in the past. Halo brings a bucket load, fantastic story, fantastic environments, really vivid characters, great units to play with, but it also brings people who are Halo fans who have not played an RTS before. What we’ve had to focus on is providing the depth for people who love RTS.

Nicholson explains that they’re focused on guiding new players through Halo Wars 2 and that means simplifying how units are deployed, how energy is gathered and how removing the need to build resource management utilities is a thing of the past. Nicholson states…

“Deathmatch is spinning lots and lots of different plates. What happens if we take a couple of those plates away from you, for example you don’t need to worry about resources? Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered for you. You’ll have enough resources to do what you want to do. […]”


“[…] in Blitz, where you’re not worrying about base, you’re not really worried about resources. You’re just worrying about energy. All of the strategic choice of what units and what combinations you can create, we take out of the combative arena. Then you say, “Okay, I’m building this deck, I’m putting my strategy together on my time, and then I’m deploying the tactics in real time.”

Nicholson doesn’t really clarify if there’s anyway to play the game like a real RTS or have an option to use traditional resource management in Halo Wars 2. It sounds like it’s been thoroughly replaced with the new card system, where players build a deck beforehand and then deploy it on the battlefield.

So what happens in PvP when one person has a better deck than someone else? Or what happens when someone buys a good deck from the cash shop? According to Nicholson, he claims that paying-to-win won’t be an issue…

“[…] some people don’t have the time to continue playing that many matches, but they really want to stay competitive, so there is that opportunity to pop over to the store where you can buy some more card packs. We’ve worked very, very hard on the leveling and the balancing to make sure that you can earn the cards in the game and you’ll still remain very competitive in the matches.”

If you don’t want to buy a deck from the cash shop, you can grind out the daily and weekly challenges or complete the campaign mode to unlock new cards. Of course, if you want to just win with a cool deck, you can just… pay to win.

You can look for Halo Wars 2 to launch on February 21st, 2017 next month for PC and Xbox One.

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