Has-Been Heroes, Rogue-Like Comedy Set To Launch On Nintendo Switch For $19.99

Frozenbyte Studios and Gametrust announced a new game for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One called Has-Been Heroes. The game was formally demonstrated by the developers during the Nintendo Treehouse Live segment following the January 12th live-stream presentation for the Nintendo Switch, which detailed the hybrid console’s price and release date.

Has-Been Heroes sees players in a rogue-like environment where they’ll need to manage the heroes using the face buttons while navigating through various maps and defeating enemies.

The game can essentially be played with a single controller, utilizing spastic responses while battling enemies in real-time fights while collecting loot and dispensing of foes using the monk, warrior and rogue. You can check out the trailer below to see what the gameplay is like.

A lot of people joked that it’s a little like Frozenbyte making fun of Trine given that it’s an old warrior and old monk joined by a female rogue, making it quite similar to the playable characters in the 3D side-scroller, Trine.

Something that doesn’t make sense to me is that it’s called Has-Been Heroes but only two of the three playable characters are has-beens. The other rogue is actually a young pretty lady, so how does she classify as a has-been? Or does she get drunk, high and end up in rehab half-way through the game as an imitation of Lindsay Lohan?

Anyway, the plot sees the heroes having to escort the two daughters of the king to the Princess Academy, presumably so they can learn how not to be a damsel in distress and not run to media all the time when 12-year-old Twitter trolls post content the FBI deems non-credible… just like Anita Sarkeesian… oh wait.

You can look for Has-Been Heroes to launch this upcoming March for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch for $19.99. There’s a landing page for the game that they’ve opened up over on GameStop if you need more info.


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