Hellion Demo Videos Cover Sound Properties And Salvaging

I’m really looking forward to Star Citizen, but another game almost similar in concept of being manual, hardcore and detailed oriented is Zero Gravity Games’ Hellion. There’s a new trailer out showing survival aspects, which is accompanied by a sound video and a module salvage trailer. Hellion is currently set to release on PC

Starting on Steam Greenlight and now set to be playable through Steam Early Access this January comes Hellion. Although the game has no official post EA release date. Moreover the challenging space game explores all the manual work in space including gunplay, mining, research, and maintaining all internal parts when it comes to big ships and smaller items.

Without wasting anymore time, the latest trailer for Hellion is up for you to watch which shows “Survival” elements in the space game.

The next video covers sound in space and what the weapons sound like in the realm of Hellion. Just to let you know, this video sparked some serious discussions from people who are into the science behind sound and space, noting that you would still hear sound from the shock of the weapon translating through your suit to the helmet rendering sound… but keep in mind that this could change seeing how the video states that it is a “demo” for sound properties.

Next up is a video showing salvaging modules and how the whole process goes down from up close and from afar when building stuff. The video contains a montage of clips showing modules connecting with a piece of classical music to make the overall experience more fitting.

It’s worth noting to keep an eye out on this game seeing how it could pop up on Steam Early Access anytime from here on out, due to the new “Survival” trailer showing “Early Access January 2017”.

For more information on this game you can head on over to playhellion.com to stay up to date with the space indie game.


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