Here’s How To Join Battlefield 1’s Upcoming CTE

I know it, you know it, Battlefield 1 contains some issues. And unlike Battlefield 4’s broken launch, BF1 did launch somewhat stable, but at a cost. There is a lot missing that fans would like to see added to the game (or what should have stayed from post CTE BF4’s launch), but that will all change now thanks to an upcoming CTE session that you will be able to join to change the game for the better.

The CTE is a big deal for those who don’t like the current meta of the game or how it goes about rewarding players for doing specific things, which if you are new to the series I bet you are saying “what does CTE even stand for?” Well, I’ll go over what it means and what its purpose stands for in bettering the game. CTE means Community Test Environment, and it is where players can help the developers test new features, improve/change content, and experiment with other stuff that’s not yet release for the public to consume.

DICE and EA hope to get the session out soon so that they can receive feedback from 64 player servers testing the game’s latest features, which should include a lot of players to be eligible to participate in the CTE.

Initially, the CTE will not only be used for adding new content or rearranging content to be better the game in the long run, but to ensure stability of the next Battlefield 1 update. As good as this sounds (even back with BF4), it also disappoints me that gamers now have to help developers with degrees in a professional field to make their games better, it just saddens me that those who want to play a game and chill with friends are the ones who have to help make it better (smh).

Moving onward, the devs will be sending out codes to select members in the community and give Battlefield veterans access to the CTE session to help improve the game. These codes will be redeemable through Origin and will give players CTE access on PC. Public registration for the CTE is available in the BF Companion app.

If you are on PS4 or Xbox One it is said that the devs want to bring the CTE session over to said platforms, which, unlike PC players, those on console will have to wait for changes to occur seeing how each change will have to go through registration, which lasts around a week. Folks on PC will receive changes instantly or within a couple of days.

A video by Jackfrags covers the Battlefield 1 CTE update, as seen below.

If you want more information regarding the CTE in yet another video, Westie — who explains the session very thoroughly — has a video up for you to look over.

You can read the official post over on, or you can sign up and join the CTE session by heading on over to


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