High Noon Revolver Set To Release On Steam January 25th

Spaceboy Games announced that their cooperative side-scroller, High Noon Revolver, will release on Steam and on the Humble Store starting January 25th, 2017, later this month.

The new title sees players being able to choose from a number of different playable characters with up to two-player local co-op play, battling through a range of different levels and a diverse cast of evil baddies. The playable characters range from standard cowboys and cowgirls to cyborg robots and testosterone-laden chickens.

The object is to collect gold, buy new upgrades and blast the ever living crap out of any and everything that gets in your way. The game features multiple layers of platforming through a variety of different stages, including arena fights and side-scrolling challenge levels. You can see what the gameplay looks like in the trailer below.

High Noon Revolver is definitely a lot faster than I thought it would be. It reminds me of old-school shooters like Electrobody fused with Metal Slug and a small dose of bullet hell shooters.

Players collect loot while unlocking new weapons and upgrades across the different levels. They have plans on releasing the game for $9.99 on PC and Mac. You can look to get your hands on High Noon Revolver starting January 25th. The title was recently Greenlit for Steam back on January 4th, so they’re moving pretty quickly to get the game up and out on the Steam store.

The feedback has been positive so far, and with added auxillary features like Steam trading cards and achievements, it adds an extra layer of replayability and a sense of community to the game. There’s also high-score charts for those who want to outdo themselves by playing through the game and then playing through it better the next time around.

It’s tough to tell what the replay value will bel ike for High Noon Revolver, but I’m sure the first set of reviews up will let you know clearly whether or not it’s worth the $9.99.


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