Honey Badger Court Trial Against The Mary Sue, Calgary Expo Set For November 29th
Honey Badger GamerGate
(Last Updated On: January 16, 2017)

The Honey Badger Radio lawsuit against Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue has received an official trial date of November 29th through the 31st. It’s set to take place later this year in 2017, which may seem far off, but is actually rather timely based on the average court case, which can sometimes take up to two years to get underway.

The news came via a tweet from the Honey Badgers, which you can view below.

According to the tweet chain, they had so much information to share that the judge felt they needed more time than what was given during the initial hearing and set the trial date for later in the year. They mentioned in the chain that they were okay with the way things turned out because it could have been delayed even further.

Back in December of 2016 the Honey Badgers informed their audience via social media and YouTube that they managed to get a court date setup on January 12th, 2017 where they would bring their case in front of a judge and explain all of what happened. That event did manage to come to pass, but now they’ll have to roll out their entire case in front of the court during the trial between November 29th and November 30th, in 2017, later this year.

They’re suing Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue for spreading misinformation and damaging claims about the Honey Badgers attending the expo for the purpose of harassment. The lies about the incident spread through the media, painting them in a very negative light.

Honey Badgers are the first group to sue after being labeled as #GamerGate harassers. The media has been rolling with that description for more than two years without any evidence that harassment had taken place whatsoever. The hearsay reached a boiling point for the Honey Badgers who were kicked out of the Calgary Expo back in 2015 for being #GamerGate supporters. The judge obviously felt as if they had a real case on their hands and decided to give them a fighting chance in court at the end of this year.

The Honey Badgers have been crowd-funding their efforts to appear in court and managed to accrue more than $16,000 on their Feed the Badger funding page. If the case does manage to go through, and the judge finds Calgary Expo and the Mary Sue at fault, it could spell ill-tidings for th media at large who ran with the whole #GamerGate harassment narrative.

(Main image courtesy of Honey Badger Brigade)

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  • Lord Seraph


  • Lord Seraph


  • discusser

    I hope Honey Badger Radio legally takes every last cent these lying commie scum have in the bank.

    • Samantha Stephens

      ^^^ !!!

  • Dawn Blast

    Burn em

  • Pocketmarmots

    I admit, I’ve always been a little nervous about how well this case will go, but it’s nice to see it clearing the first hurdle. And, of course, it’s always nice to see the brigade get good press~

  • Good to see that the judge found reason to accept and take on the case.

    Hopefully the Honey Badgers win the case in November. SJWs and feminists need to get the comeuppance they deserve.

  • Alistair

    The fact it in November puzzles me the term “kicking it in the long grass” apply here.

    I know you have to gather the evidence etc etc but it a long time. Maybe it a long time that people will forget about this and SJWs would benefit from that.

    • karen straughan

      The defendants have been attempting to drag it out. The trial was supposed to be the 12 and 13th, but they asked the judge to hear a motion for summary dismissal (throw the case out on the grounds that it is entirely without merit). Counsel for the defence spent 3 full hours nitpicking typos and making baseless arguments regarding points of law in an effort to get the judge to toss the case out.

      Their efforts were unsuccessful, but it took so much time, there was no point starting the actual trial with only half a day left on the schedule. We could have done that and then continued with the same judge in December (the first point at which he had two consecutive days free), or go with a new judge in November who had three consecutive days free. We opted for the latter.

      So yes, the defendants are trying to drag it out, but the courts themselves are just kind of booked solid.

      • Alistair

        Well all the best in November, it just amazing what lengths they get up too.

  • Hawk Hopper

    Hopefully the Honey Badgers fuck up both The Calgary Expo and The Mary Sue!

    • Hawk Hopper

      I also wonder how the cretins at the CBC will spin this or if they’ll just ignore it and bury it.

      • Ignore it and bury it, just like with the CON leaks, just like with the FBI report, just like every other fact-based piece of evidence that has surfaced. Everything to protect the narrative. Only way they might be forced to report on it is if the Honey Badgers royally burn their arses so bad that they force Calgary Expo to shutdown for good… then the CBC might do a report and spin it that the evil #Gamergaters terrorized a business into closing down.

  • bob

    I’m kind of surprised. I assume the court would toss it aside. Hopefully in the future more sjws like these will face the consequences for their actions. They’ll never stop lying until it damages them.

  • This is fantastic news, as it could set a precedent in Canadian laws to prevent this kind of shit from happening again. Good on that judge for listening and making the correct judgement call.