If You’ve Missed It, Here’s A Quick Summary Of The Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch 2017

If you happen to have missed Nintendo’s 2017 presentation for the Switch and you are looking for a quick summary for the upcoming console, its games and other specs, hopefully the list below will fill you in if you’ve missed the event.

As it stands now, Nintendo will launch the Switch in Japan, North America and Europe on March 3rd, 2017. The console is set to run for 29,980 yen and $299 MSRP, which Nintendo announced for respective regions.

If you want to know further details regarding the system, the specs sit below:

Screen Specs

The Nintendo Switch features a 6.2-inch capacitive screen that features multi-touch, and displays a resolution of 1280 x 720.

Docking Setup

The forthcoming console will retain a docking setup that can power/charger the system, and can output video and audio from the system to a TV/external display.

Deploy-able Stand

A standard stand that can deploy on tabletop surfaces allows the system to stand upright, which props the main unit to be fixed in a standing position.


Game card video output can go up to 1080p resolution when played in TV mode on the Switch, and will be set to 720p when played in handheld or tabletop mode.


TV Mode is noted to support 5.1 channel surround sound. Using the Switch’s audio jack, stereo speakers or headphones can be used when in handheld or tabletop modes.

Battery Life and Specs

The Nintendo Switch battery can last, according to Nintendo, more than six hours — but is said to vary depending on the software and settings. It is noted that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be played for three hours on a single charge. The console/system can be charged while away from home via plugging the AC adapter into the console’s USB Type-C connector.


The Switch has 32GB of internal storage, which some of it is reserved for use by the system, and can be expanded by using microSDXC or microSDHC memory Cards.

SoC (System on Chip)

The Nintendo Switch uses a custom Tegra processor powered by NVIDIA

USB and Other Accessories

The Switch USB ports can be used to charge accessories like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Joy-Con attached to a Joy-Con charging grip. The USB ports can be used with a USB LAN adapter to connect to the Internet.


Looking over to the networking, the Switch can connect to the Internet through a wireless connection. Up to eight systems can connect over a local wireless connection in games that support multiplayer. While docked, the console can use a wired Internet connection by connecting a LAN Adapter.

It is worth mentioning that folks have up until Fall (of this year) to play the online service for free. Upon paying for the premium service for the Switch, you’ll be able to play online, use voice chat features, gain access to free monthly downloads of older NES and SNES games, as well as other benefits that discount games. If you don’t pay for the online service you will be limited and won’t have access to chatting with your friends via voice chat, and sharing screenshots to social media through the Switch’s share button. You will be able to access the Nintendo eShop and register and manage your friends list, though.

Stock Keeping Unit

In total, folks will gain the Nintendo Switch console, a dock, the Joy-Con L and R, Two Joy-Con strap accessories, One Joy-Con grip, an HDMI cable, and a Nintendo Switch AC adapter upon purchasing said unit.

Games Slated For The Switch

  • 1-2-SwitchLaunch date set for March 3rd, 2017
  • ArmsLaunch date set for Spring 2017
  • BlazBlue – To be announced
  • Disgaea 5 Complete Launch date set for Spring 2017
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2To be announced
  • Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 – Launch date set for March 3rd, 2017
  • Fast RMX – To be announced
  • Fire Emblem Warriors – To be announced
  • Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers – To be announced
  • I Am Setsuna – Launch date set for March 2017
  • Just Dance 2017 – To be announced
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Launch date set for April 28th, 2017
  • Minna de Waiwai! Spelunker – Launch date set for Spring 2017
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – Launch date set for March 3rd, 2017
  • No More Heroes (Untitled Projected) – To be announced
  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition – To be announced
  • Redout – Launch date set for Spring 2017
  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII – Launch date set for March 2017
  • Project Octopath Traveler – To be announced
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris – Launch date set for Spring 2017
  • Shin Megami Tensei (Untitled Project) – To be announced
  • Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! – Launch date set for March 2017
  • Sonic Mania – Launch date set for Spring 2017
  • Splatoon 2 – Launch date set for Summer 2017
  • Steep – To be announced
  • Story of Seasons – To be announced
  • Super Bomberman R – Launch date set for March 3rd 2017
  • Super Mario Odyssey – Launch date set for holiday season 2017
  • Taiko Drum Master series – To be announced
  • Tales of series – To be announced
  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ – Launch date set for Spring 2017
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SE – Launch date set for Fall 2017
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Launch date set for March 3rd, 2017
  • Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challenger – To be announced
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Launch date set for 2017

For more information regarding the Nintendo Switch you can head on over to nintendo.com.


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