Indie Dev Reveals New 2D Fighting-Adventure Game Karate

There’s a new game in development that’s shaping up quite nicely as of recent, and comes in by indie developer Miguelito, named Karate. You’ll likely remember this dev’s work back from 2015 and part of 2016 when a game by the name of The Legend of the ChickenSword was posted up online with various screenshots.

Looking back two years ago during the mid part of 2015 and during 2016 as well, screenshots of a game that has still yet to be formally announced, which is better known as The Legend of the ChickenSword, will come out sometime in the near future. While we wait for the 2D platfomer to release, the developer Miguelito has released a batch of GIFs revealing a new game called Karate.

The new game looks a lot like Mercenary Kings and even plays out like the fast-paced 2D shooter game.

Th gameplay consists of karate combos, beating up boxes, and even using a laser weapons.

The first GIF shows the dev beating up another karate boy in an attempt to show off the animations, collisions and so on. The GIF is view-able below.

Next is that dangerous laser weapon along with a subtle UI HUD on screen. This can be seen on the left-hand corner of the screen, which includes both the life bar and the weapon.

Lastly, we see a cave or mine section up head guarded by an old man. And, yes, you will be able to beat up people who tell you that you are not ready to go to a place that’s too strong for you…

Furthermore, if you want to check out the former game containing a chicken on an adventure its official video editing compilation (or whatever you’d like to call it) is up for you to watch.

If the above looks like something worth keeping an eye on you can check out Miguelito’s latest work through his website. If you want to keep up with this game and its current progress, you can head on over to


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