Islands Of Nyne Pre-Alpha And Trailer Detailed In New Update

A while back we covered a Battle Royale-like game that entered Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter, which made it through both platforms with ease. As of recent an announcement has been made by the devs, Define Human, who are behind the game entitled Islands of Nyne, and released both a new trailer and an update regarding the Pre-Alpha status.

Getting straight into the meat, those looking forward to joining the Pre-Alpha for the Hunger Games meets Battle Royale game, Islands of Nyne, will not be able to just yet. As of the recent update made on the game’s site the devs detailed that…

“We are not planning on this being an extremely long delay. Our Pre-Alpha testers will still have access to the game in its current state and will be a monumental part of helping us test the game to get it to closed alpha (thank you again all Pre-Alpha testers). The NDA will remain in effect until closed alpha most likely. We will continue to update everyone on the progress we make and the closer we get to our internal dates, we’ll make another announcement.”

Earlier in the update the devs also posted up a quote from Shigeru Miyamoto saying that “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

The reason behind the delay is that the devs want to polish the game to a state where players can enjoy the game’s mechanics and not die out to bad netcode, encounter horrible hit registration, experiencing miserable queue times and facing an overall bad experience. Although this is the Pre-Alpha version of the game, the devs still want to make sure that the game is presented with quality, and quality is something that’s very important when delivering a product to customers — even if they are testers of an early build.

This now brings us to the new trailer that was released over on Islands of Nyne: Battle Royal channel on YouTube that shows in-game footage.

The game is coming along nicely to be a product of Steam Greenlight, and I look forward to seeing more trailers and videos for Islands of Nyne. As for those waiting for the Pre-Alpha I think it is safe to take up the mind-frame of when it’s ready then it’s ready.

You can read the full post regarding the Pre-Alpha and the trailer over on, or you can find out more by heading on over to