Itcher App Recommends Games, Movies Based On Your Tastes

There are a bunch of apps out there but not all of them are useful. Heck, a large majority of apps out there do little more than become electronic vampires, sucking your bandwidth and data storage while being digital pests and giving you almost nothing in return, like a bad marriage or some awful hook-up you risked getting involved with on Tinder. Anyway, Itcher aims to solve the problem of vampire apps by actually being useful. How so? Well, it recommends movies, music and games for you to watch, listen to and play based on your tastes.

The app is a discovery tool made by William Cooper, Richard Brindley and Daniel Rovira. The idea was to make something that helped users find more of what they love, and filter out more of what they don’t.

They explained in the e-mail that the app has been so accurate in helping users find what they want when it comes to their entertainment needs that Google has actually chosen to add it to the voice-activated Google Home. Not shabby.

It takes a certain level of quality to get the attention of Big Brother, and an extra layer of quality to have them use your app in their service.

The app launched back in the middle of December in 2016, also known as the year that corruption went mainstream and our idiot government decided to blame Russian hackers for it, even though Julian Assange just went on Sean Hannity’s show and said that it was not Russian hackers but someone from the inside who leaked it, as reported by Fox News.

The whole thing involving politics is a farce, and I feel bad for having brought up the middle-school tier Russian conspiracy theory cooked up by the exiting POTUS.

Anyway, the feedback on the app so far has been quite positive. Some people were a little peeved that it recommended to them movies and music that would require Amazon Prime to purchase while others complained that the movies they were recommended were “boring”. Then again maybe Alex Barkman’s movie consuming experiences are boring? Heck, I don’t know… maybe he was given a bunch of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck movies because he listened to Sean P. Diddy Combs and watched Gigli. In that case the bad movie suggestions would be nobody’s fault but Barkman’s.

Regardless, you can check the app out for free over on the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store. You can also learn more about the app by visiting the official website.


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