Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Beta Update Available For Download

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mods can add more life to a game that’s a hit among gamers or resuscitate a game from the digital grave than DLC ever could. And in this case a mod team named Nanos Framework has posted up the beta that adds multiplayer capability to Square Enix and Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 3. The 2015 game is currently out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Avalanche Studios noted sometime back that they wanted to focus on creating an open-world experience for players and that they wanted to concentrate on the main player, which means that no multiplayer would see the light of day in Just Cause 3. However, a certain mod team, namely Nanos Framework, sought out to change such a thing and now published a playable Beta that contains multiplayer functions for JC3.

It’s worth noting that the mod is not on Steam Workshop as of this writing, but it can, however, be downloaded through the modding team’s official website if you wish to play Just Cause 3 with your friends using an early Beta mod.

Something else that is important to note is that you will need a Steam copy of Just Cause 3 to play the mod, meaning that, yes, PS4 and Xbox One fans are left out, which only allow those on PC eligible to play the mod in its current state and future builds to come.

Whether you hate the game or love it, or if you’ve uninstalled the game or still have it on your PC, Just Cause 3’s latest mod might give some folks and their friends a reason to return seeing how this new trailer announces the playable Beta build.

For folks that are curious the trailer above comes in by Nanos Framework, which is available to watch on the team’s YouTube channel — among other multiplayer videos listed on the channel.

Lastly, if you are leery, interested, or seek to learn more regarding the mod named Just Cause 3 Multiplayer, you can hit up the site just-cause.mp that also contains a link to download the Beta build.


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