Karnage Chronicles CES 2017 Trailer Preps For Q1 Early Access

Designed for VR headsets, built on the Unreal Engine 4, and passed through Greenlight, Karnage Chronicles from Nordic Trolls recently received a new trailer ahead of its appearance at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They have plans on showcasing the VR title at booth 53040-41 at Hall G, so if you’re planning on being in attendance you can definitely give it a try.

The new CES trailer keeps it curt. There’s no extraneous pageantry on display, just some good old fashioned troll killing. You can check out the minute long trailer below.

A couple of things are really worth pointing out here with the trailer. We see that the trolls have some very fluid and reactive behaviors. The animations blend very nicely between their neutral idle states and their action states. The transitions between them standing there and getting shot in the face with an arrow is also beautiful.

The one shot where we see the troll do that dynamic spin and fire the arrow looked really good, but it was even better seeing the arrow bury itself deep into the skull of the troll, causing them to spin and fall from the impact. Huge props to the animators for paying a lot of attention to detail. I may not be big on a lot of the VR titles released throughout 2016, but at least Nordic Trolls are putting some time and effort into the visual quality of the FPS VR survival game.

Of course, you still play disembodied characters that consist of floating helmets, shields and gauntlets. It’s a phase in VR that I absolutely can’t wait to see replaced with fully embodied characters. Hopefully that comes sooner rather than later. But for as far as being functional, Karnage Chronicles looks like it gets the job done.

You can expect to see actual gameplay demonstrations on hand at this year’s CES starting January 4th, so if you happen to be in attendance don’t miss out on the booth. For more info be sure to visit the official Karnage Chronicles website. The game is due hit Early Access on Steam starting sometime in early 2017.


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