Kojima Production’s Ludens Statue Costs $2,000, Launches In 2018

Prime 1 Studio, Slideshow and Kojima Productions announced that a limited edition Ludens statue – the Kojima Productions mascot – is available with a Hideo Kojima signature for $2,000.

Niche Gamer posted up a bunch of screenshots of the figure, revealing that the 63-inch tall statue comes with working LED lights, and high-quality materials to bring the fictional mascot to life.

The description below the screenshot gallery reveals that Ludens is decked out in an EVA, extra-vehicular activity creative suit, and carries with him the flag and logo of Kojima Productions. According to Kojima, the suit is designed to travel underwater in outer space.

According to the official Prime 1 Studio store page, the Ludens statue won’t be available until somewhere between January and March 2018. It has a tentative first quarter release for some time next year.

Now if you were hoping to get your hands on this statue and import it when it becomes available next year, you’re tough out of luck. According to the store page, Prime 1 Studio is strictly about shipping products within Japan. They only do domestic item shipping, so you’ll likely have to wait until some import shop on Amazon or Play-Asia manages to get their hands on the statue and offer it up for import.

Also, you’ll have to put down your payments well before the shipment is complete, so it’ll be a while before it arrives at your doorstep.

I can imagine this statue being pretty popular if Kojima Productions can follow-through and make Death Stranding a worthwhile game on the PlayStation platforms. Right now a lot of people are holding their breath and waiting to see more before making a final judgment about how excited they should be about the game. There have been way too many over-hyped games in recent years that have severely under-delivered, so Kojima has a lot of work cut out for him.

Anyway, it’s too bad that Ludens isn’t going to be one of the playable characters in Death Stranding. Originally Norman Reedus thought that he would be donning the suit in the game, but Kojima explained that it’s just the mascot. In fact, the face under the mask is actually Kojima himself after he was 3D scanned and put into the suit.

You can look for the statue to be made available, signed by Kojima himself, starting in 2018.


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