Life Of Black Tiger PS4 Trailer Leaves Gamers Feeling Trolled
Life of Black Tiger

A new PlayStation 4 game has received a preview video called Life of Black Tiger. The game is a violent, physics-based action game where you play as a tiger, eating and killing other animals. Making sweet love to female tigers, and exploring an open world.

The game seems similar to Goat Simulator and The Endless Forest, but Play One Games have added their own unique twist to the gameplay. It appears as if there are humans in the title as the trailer hints at a fortress of some sort, but majority of the trailer is just the tiger going around, clawing at other animals and causing them to fly away as if they were hit by a physics-oriented shock wave. You can check it out below.

What really threw a lot of people for a loop was the fact that this trailer was posted up over on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. The description of the video reads as follows…

“Life of Black Tiger is an interactive adventure story game is set in jungle, field, and forest surroundings. You can have a vivid and realistic experience through in various missions.”

There’s nothing vivid or realistic about the game, but it definitely feels like some sort of long-troll marketing, as if it’s actually an advertisement for something else. The game comes across like something you might see on Steam Greenlight.

Gamers were obviously not impressed.

If you head on over to the developer’s website, you’ll find that Life of Black Tiger is actually one of the more tame games that they’ve made.

The company has titles like Group Fight Online under their belt, which is about a whole bunch of average people beating the crap out of each other in tiny arenas. The game is a weird mess. You can check it out below, courtesy of John Lenon.

They also have games like Cat Friends and Bus Turbo Racing. They’re known for making strange small games with odd twists.

Life of Black Tiger definitely fits in with the rest of their games.

The bigger question is… why?

According to PlayStation LifeStyle they’re reporting that the game is due for release in spring of 2017 after suffering a delay. Some people still aren’t convinced that the game is real while others are angry that Sony would even greenlight the game being on the PS4.

Whether or not Life of Black Tiger is really coming to the PS4 in the state that it was showcased in that trailer above remains to be seen, but there are already plenty of gamers calling it as a free PS Plus title at some point down the line in 2017.


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