Logan’s 2nd Red Band Trailer Severs Lots Of Limbs And Drops F-Bombs
Logan 2017

I haven’t been a fan of Fox’s X-Men movies at all. They’ve been a lot of incoherent, sloppy pieces of crap. Well, all of that might change based on what we’ve seen of the upcoming Logan film starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart… especially if the very not-for-kids red band trailer is anything to go by.

The trailer starts with a little girl trying on sunglasses, eating chips, and generally not minding being a kleptomaniac. The clerk gets on her case and quickly regrets it when the girl takes him down as he attempts to coerce her into giving the items back. From there everything turns bloody, gory, gruesome and filled with F-bombs. Check it out below courtesy of Entertainment Access.

The trailer is very well done, and way gorier than I thought it would be. You know how you expected to see a lot of limb-loss throughout the X-Men movie franchise due to Logan’s ability to use the claws? Well, the little girl kind of shows what an unchained, untamed, unleashed version of that would look like.

So far both trailers have avoided giving too much away, which is good. Many big movie trailers have a tendency to give away the entire plot from start to finish… like Batman v Superman.

Also, is that a severed head/arm in X-23’s hands at the one minute mark?

Logan - X-23 Severed Arm

It’s tough to make out but they obviously edited it out so you’ll have to see the movie for yourself to get a good look at whatever body part it was in her hands.

The trailer definitely resembles The Last of Us even more now than in the first trailer. I know some people may say it’s cliché to compare the two, but I think one YouTube comment summed up Logan quite well as saying it’s as if Joel and Ellie from the last of us were mutants on meth.

The film looks fantastic based on the two trailers they’ve released so far, so hopefully they can deliver something worthwhile when Logan and its hard-R hits theaters on March 1st.


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