Mass Effect 2 Is Free To Download On Origin For A Limited Time

Electronic Arts followed up their brief two minute presentation of Mass Effect: Andromeda last night at Nvidia’s keynote speech for CES 2017 by announcing that you can get Mass Effect 2 for free… right now.

The limited time offer was made known over on the official Origin website, where the beloved space-sim is being promoted as a free title that’s “on the house”.

Keep in mind that it’s just the normal version of the game. The standard $19.99 price tag is scrubbed so you can get it at 100% off the normal price. The deluxe version of the game is also available but be careful clicking on it and adding it to your cart, otherwise you’ll be charged $29.99.

Mass Effect 2 was mostly just the party-gathering parts of Final Fantasy VI set in space. It wasn’t a bad game, but the majority of the plot and time spent in the actual gameplay was searching for specific crew members before taking on the big bad Collectors. It was a long and short game all at the same time. The journey was long but the adventure felt kind of short just because after you gathered your crew you realized that the game was practically over with.

If you played the original game you can import your saved game and continue with all your choices intact, just like with the Telltale Game series. If you never played the original Mass Effect then a story can be generated for you.

The limited time offer for getting the game for free is likely EA’s way of helping to build up some hype toward the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda on March 21st for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. They unveiled some new gameplay footage centered around the skills and tech trees to give gamers a look at what they can expect, even though there was really nothing special about the gameplay footage other than a few more skill menu options. The gameplay is largely unchanged from the original Mass Efect a decade ago, other than smoother controls, and a more Gears of War-esque combat system.

Anyway, not everyone is excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda due to the whole Manveer Heir thing and his comments that were aimed at denigrating a specific segment of the gaming community for their race. BioWare’s higher-ups didn’t seem to mind the comments, leaving a lot people feeling as if they support racism.

But if you want to download Mass Effect 2 for free you can do so right now by visiting the Origin website.


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