Mass Effect: Andromeda Is 30fps 1080p On PS4, 900p On Xbox One
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2017)

Aaryn Flynn, the general manager for BioWare, took to the NeoGaf forums to discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda for the home consoles. The thread was originally about the game appearing on the Nintendo Switch (or rather, not appearing on the Nintendo Switch), and Flynn dropped a bit of a knowledge bomb on the forum-going audience regarding the tech specs for the upcoming sci-fi adventure game.

According to Flynn the PS4 will run Mass Effect: Andromeda at 1080p while the Xbox One will run the game at 900p. Both versions of the game will only run at 30fps, where he states…

“Last I checked, we were like other Frostbite games on PS4 and XBox One – 1080p and 900p respectively. All are at 30 fps. PC has uncapped framerate. I think we’ve even gotten over the 30 fps cap in cutscenes, but I’ll double-check in the next couple of weeks.”

The game will supposedly run at 1800p with “checkerboard rendering” on the PS4 Pro, according to an article on Eurogamer. Essentially the PS4 Pro doesn’t have the actual under-the-hood horsepower to output at native 2160p, which is usually the standard resolution for 4K gaming.

As mentioned in our article about The Last of Us: Remastered running at 1800p on the PS4 Pro while barely being able to hit 60fps, there’s a 2.5 million pixel difference between 1800p and 2160p. You can think of the former as a poor man’s 4K and the latter as the legitimate 4K.

What’s interesting here, however, is that the 1800p for Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PS4 Pro won’t enable them to run the game at 60fps, which is what Naughty Dog targeted for The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4 Pro. Instead the game will suffice at 30fps, a significant step back for console gaming.

I’m not entirely sure why 1080p at 60fps is such a hard thing to achieve these days, but the frame-rate cap on Mass Effect: Andromeda will only be available on the home consoles. As Flynn points out in his quote above, the Glorious PC Master Race will get to play Mass Effect: Andromeda with uncapped frame-rates.

You can look for the game to launch in full on March 21st for home consoles and PC. Some gamers have been petitioning for BioWare to relieve game designer Manveer Heir of his position at the studio over his racist comments, while others have claimed that they simply won’t buy Mass Effect: Andromeda.

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  • I think the constant yet annoying conversation about what the resolution seriously needs to die. The only ones that really care are those attempting to bench every game or demand to have the highest of the highest just to be able to brag about it. The game is the most important part at any resolution. And right now all I care about is whether i can play it on xb1 and PC. I may not have a 4K rig but I can do 1080p very nicely. Difference? Nah, just want to play another possible awesome game in the ME series.

  • Jeff Scout

    Once again people are ignorant ok THE GAMES FRAME RATE WONT BE THE SAME ON PS4 pro vs regular PS4 ok YES they will have the same 30fps target frame rate but that doesn’t mean they won’t be different ok as regular PS4 and Xbox one S will run the game at a target 30fps where that’s the target frame rate which means it’s gonna run as close to 30fps as possible with obvious frame rate drops on occasion where it might fluctuate between 25 to 30fps for example depending on what’s happening on screen WHERE AS WITH PS4 PRO THE GAME WILL NOT FLUCTUATE OR GAVE DROPS as it will essentially be locked 30fps at all times where the extra power will be used to prevent any fluctuations in frame rate where it’s gonna be a solid 30fps AND THATS THE CONFUSION THAT PEOPLE don’t seem to understand about XBOX SCORPIO & PS4 PRO ok yea developers will develop all games with the same target frame rate which means if a game targets 60fps on regular ps4 the same game will also have a target 60fps on PS4 PRO and the same is true for Xbox one S vs Xbox Scorpio ok the games will have the same target frame rates but what people don’t understand is that for example LETS SAY BATTLEFIELD 2 will release in 2018 for both the regular PS4 and regular Xbox one with 60fps target frame rates and then the same game will also have the same target frame rates for PS4 PRO & XBOX SCORPIO but the thing is the game will run as close to 60fps as possible on the regular consoles where it’s gonna run for example between 40 to 60fps where it will fluctuate as it won’t be locked 60fps because the regular consoles aren’t powerful enough to hold steady frame rates so while the target 60fps will be the same the fact is the game will always have better frame rates on the PS4 PRO & XBOX Scorpio as those consoles will be able to run closer to locked 60fps all the time instead of having fluctuations between 40fps to 60fps for example while the same game on the more advanced consoles will run virtually locked 60fps all the time so the game will have different frame rates OKAY ALL THE DEVELOPERS MEAN WHEN THEY SAY THE GAME WILL HAVE THE SAME FRAME RATES ON ALL CONSOLES IS THAT THE TARGET FRAME RATE WILL BE THE SAME and that’s why for example look at a game like BATTLEFIELD 1 for the PS4 PRO ok it has the same 60fps target frame rate as the regular ps4 but because of the extra power of the PS4 PRO the game runs nearly 15 to 20 fps higher on Pro then on the regular ps4 because the regular PS4 runs with a target frame rate of 60fps but it never barely reaches that target during gameplay as for example the game runs around 40 to 45 fps average on regular PS4 while it runs nearly locked 60fps at all times on PS4 PRO and that’s the reality of the situation ok all this bullshit talk about nobody gets left behind and blah blah blah it’s all bullshit ok the games going forward will always have VASTLY SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY AND VASTLY SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE ON THE PS4 PRO & XBOX SCORPIO compared to the regular Xbox one s or regular PS4 and thats a fact whether the haters wanna hate or not

    • Did you really up vote yourself?

  • LurkerJK

    Resolutiongate making a comeback for no reason and the “updated” consoles are already showing their limits (ps4 pro2 2018 ftw!)

    i cant wait for the react videos where they put someone in front of a 1080p tv and a 4k tv running the game and they cannot tell the difference

    • With today’s “Fake News” driven media they’ll likely try to downplay the results and instead of doing real digging will fall in line with Sony, who will pull a Microsoft and try to pay to keep the benchmarks corked.

      • Alistair

        Well mundanematt called pizzagate fake news.

        Why is everybody saying it fake news. The emails that leak are out there.

        Let say this if pizzagate is fake news then Clinton would have Won.

        Because the same people are saying the emails leak are fake news.

      • John C

        You mean how Sony just gave out a couple crappy games for free in an “apology” after they allowed their millions of service users to be compromised. Because they thought they weren’t hackable?

        • HAHAH you are an Xbox fanboy.

  • L.

    No one gives a fuck about you whining cocksuckers who are pissed off about the fact that not-white people work for BioWare.

    • MONAD

      So. Why the hell are you commenting on this article? Just looking for something to whine about.

      • L.

        Get a fucking life, you asswipe terrorist.

        • MONAD

          Yeah. I’m fully convinced we’re dealing with a troll. 2edgy4mebro.

  • justerthought

    So the game runs at twice the XB1 resolution then is upscaled to 4K using the excellent checkerboard rendering on the PS4 Pro. The XB1 is not even in the same class.

    I suppose all the negative comments are from the XB1 fanboys who are bummed out with 900p, but instead of venting their anger at the console maker, they blame the dev. Blind faith is a powerful tool. Look what it did for religion.

    • While the PS4 Pro may be in another league to the XB1, the PS4 Pro is only running the game at 30fps.

      PS4 is like getting with a hot chick with great boobs and a butter face, where-as the XB1 is like getting a 2016 poster of Tara Reid with half-used Scotch tape to hang it up on your wall.

    • Your comment makes no sense. Why brag about all the things the ps4 pro can do when it does it only at the same fps at the xb1? Luckily the xb1 is not trying to be something its not.

  • Gerg Arata

    Join the master race and don’t deal with 30 fps

  • psitank

    That’s lame.

  • durka durka

    lol ps4 pro.

    Better framerate and graphics

    Meh run it in fake 4k , sounds better in marketing.

    freaking peasantry. Have a 60 fps ps4 you dumb fucks. That matters 2600p at high settings is not worht it.

    • phinn

      1800p is actually a pretty damn high resolution. On my gaming rig I never run games at over 1440p. Granted if it’s anything over 1080p, I’d rather have higher graphics settings and 60fps.

      • High frame rate is always better than higher resolutions imo.

        • Agreed.

          I can suffice with decent AA and 1080p at 60fps.

    • Bitterbear

      Yer gonna have to thank Microsoft for that. Chances are that they still demand that either the games must run like ass on all consoles or there will be no Xbox One version.

      • Vincent

        The parity clause was never about graphics, it was about games releasing either on Xbox and PS4 at the same time or if it comes to Xbox later it had to have additional content. Furthermore, it was only applied to small indie publishers who self-published on Xbox, not full-blown AAA developers. And the parity clause was killed off sometime pretty soon after the launch.

        • Bitterbear

          The thing with Microsoft is that you can never know if it’s incompetence or malice.

          • Vincent

            I don’t think this situation really has anything with Microsoft. As Digital Foundry videos have shown, PS4 Pro has difficulty running first-party games at 4k 60 fps. What does Microsoft’s parity clause have anything to do with that? Or does Sony actually have a parity clause with themselves? The most likely scenario is just that Pro can’t handle it…

          • LurkerJK

            Difficulty ? thats an understatement if i ever heard one, it cannot run 30fps at 1080 for some games and its doing a lot of trickery to reach those 1800p some games say they use and thats for games that have been DESIGNED to have as high resolution as possible because sony needed to shift ps4 pros with at least some “4k” games, you are going to see that 1800p number go down very very quickly

            The situation is a thing because most developers do not have the time or money to pander to each particular platform, the result is that they either go for the lowest common denominator, the most common denominator or the one that they got paid to support and the rest get to enjoy the “results”

        • Nah, there was/is also a parity clause for graphics. It was let loose one time by an engineer working at Ubisoft who revealed there’s a parity clause. This was also hinted at by developers at Infinity Ward during that infamous Metro interview regarding the NDA over parity.

          You are right about the release parity, which was later absolved after Spencer and Chris Charla took hold of the Xbox division, but there’s still the graphics parity that prevents games from being promoted in media as being better on other platforms when it’s also releasing on an Xbox platform. It’s why EA only showcased PC footage of BF3 and avoided showing the consoles at all costs to avoid breaching the parity clause.

          • Vincent

            The Ubisoft engineer later retracted what he said and explained that he had wrongly expressed himself. I’ve never heard of the Infinity Ward debacle. I’m pretty sure EA showcases PC footage because it is the best graphical version of their game, and it makes sense to advertise your game the best way possible; which is what a lot of AAA devs have been doing this since way before the current gen started.

            But for the sake of this conspiracy theory, how would MS even blackmail all these AAA developers into downgrading competitive platform’s version when it has the smallest userbase? It doesn’t even make sense. And if there truly is/was a graphical parity clause, why are there/were games with better resolution on PS4? Because if there is a parity deal, then those AAA devs sure are taking liberal interpretations of that deal.

          • There is no conspiracy theory, it’s called an NDA. Microsoft has the agreements signed by developers who make games for their console, it’s as simple as that. Here’s the interview where they discuss it:


            This came after a corked benchmarking session where pixel counters and benchmarkers were supposed to measure the frame-rate/resolution of Call of Duty: Ghosts and ended up with borked numbers because there were claims someone mistakenly “switched” the resolution settings, resulting in tons of misinformation about the actual benchmarking for the specs of Call of Duty Ghosts.

            IGN later apologized about the fiasco:

            I don’t even know where you’re getting this “conspiracy theory” crap from when it was already proven parity and NDAs were a problem in the console space. That’s what “Resolutiongate” was all about a few years ago.

          • Vincent

            Again, what I was saying is that MS forcing developers to lower the quality of PS4 versions of their game to be more similar to Xbox One is not true, which is what the person I replied to insinuated. Your CoD article just proves this.

            Developers ARE allowed to use the extra horsepower of PS4 to make better graphics on PS4, which is why CoD: Ghosts and some others look better on PS4. Maybe some developers aren’t supposed to reveal the most powerful version, but I never even argued about that and I’m not sure how you got to that.

          • Microsoft strong-arming devs into not revealing if a game is better on a competing system resulted in them actually downgrading COD: Ghosts on PS4 during the benchmark, which ties into them forcing a dev to lower the quality of a game on PS4. But that’s kind of beside the point.

            Your original statement was…

            The parity clause was never about graphics, it was about games releasing either on Xbox and PS4 at the same time or if it comes to Xbox later it had to have additional content.

            My statements were merely to correct you that there was a parity clause in place for graphics to an extent. Some games did release with resolution parity and then later received a post-launch patch to bring the resolution of the PS4 up higher than the Xbox One.

            They’ve obviously relaxed on that clause in recent times given how devs are now openly saying what the resolution differences will be, but the main issue I think people like Bitterbear are getting at is that console manufacturers are holding back games with ridiculous NDAs and low-tier hardware.

  • Dreiko

    That’s P bad.

  • V_for_Vodka

    “PC has uncapped framerate. I think we’ve even gotten over the 30 fps cap in cutscenes”
    Oh, I guess we’ll see about that in a few months.

  • So the frostbite engine still sucks.

    • phinn

      Huh? It’s capable of some of the best graphics, destruction, sound effects and open vistas in gaming. Just look at Battlefield 1.

      • Doesn’t matter when it runs like ass on all the systems.

        • mitchell271

          Battlefield 1 runs really well on PC. If you’re that worried about performance and good graphics, get into PC gaming. I’m saying that are genuine advice. Get a graphics card that is compatible (case size, power requirements) with your existing PC (if you have a desktop), and start PC gaming.

          • I only game on PC. In fact I am building a new PC.


    If I buy it, it’ll be a year later when it’s on sale. I refuse to pay full price for this shit.

    • You should just pirate the game. Bioware doesn’t deserve a cent.

      • Mr Snow

        Or, how about buy it used from a local game store / non-gamestop place and support local business.

        • Sangria Singh

          You go right ahead.

          • Mr Snow

            I have no interest in the game. But I’d rather buy used as a form of protest and support my favorite game shop than pirate it.

      • durka durka

        if they crack it.

        • They will. All games get cracked eventually.

      • L.

        So you’re a pathetic fucking thief.

        Wow, what a sad fucking entitled loser you are. Perfect for people who genuinely think rape and death threats are an appropriate response to not liking something in a video game.

        • What the fuck are you talking about kid. I didn’t say that I would pirate it. I just suggested that if you don’t want to support Bioware that is the best option. I will never support Bioware again and will not buy or Play Mass effect 4 or any EA game. Why the hell did you start talking about rape and death threats!? Are you a feminist or something?

          • If he’s a male feminist… then you know exactly why he brought up rape.


          • L.

            Congratulations. You’re a fucking loser pandering to literal terrorist who wanted to murder and rape people over a video game.

            How does it feel know these people will make your life a complete living hell the moment you stop sucking their dicks? You know they’ll want to kill you the moment they don’t like what you’re saying.

            But maybe all of you fucking psychopaths killing each other would be for the best.

          • You’re a fucking loser pandering to literal terrorist who wanted to murder and rape people over a video game.

            …and that’s why Matt Hickey is in jail. You’re welcome.

            How does it feel know these people will make your life a complete living hell the moment you stop sucking their dicks?

            So it’s like dealing with the IRS… or being married? Got it.

            But maybe all of you fucking psychopaths killing each other would be for the best.

            We do it that all the time… in video games. Unfortunately, you SJWs seem to do it in real life…



          • L.

            Right, keep calling people “SJW” because they have a problem with people who genuinely wanted to murder video game developers.

            Creative freedom for developers only matters for the developers who kiss your ass.

          • LOL… tone of your post really changed after bringing up Matt Hickey. You weren’t one of his “tryouts” were you? Worse yet, were you one of his friends until he got you drunk, tossed you on a wig and slapped you on a skirt and then you ride the one-inch Hickey highway?

          • Alistair

            Well that one i must have missed.

            But it rather disgusting and rather predicted from “So called” hypocrisy Moral high ground SJWs.

            If it not pussy fingering, kiddy fiddler and name calling “Gender feminists” that harrasment of the woman.

            It shows they cant fathom what real or fantasy.

          • L.

            If you aren’t interested in paying for a game, then don’t play it. You are advocating that people steal something because they think they’re entitled to free games.

            Get a life.

          • self-centered cocksucker kissing the asses of people who genuinely want to kill people

            When did the Islamic gang-rapists from Brussels become an organized community in gaming?

          • Pirating digital games are not stealing retard. As you are not taking anything. Digital games are not physical. In fact buying used games are worse than pirating as you are taking something and the devs are not getting payed for it.

          • L.

            “you are taking something and the devs are not getting payed for it.”

            This statement somehow doesn’t apply to flat-out stealing the game, does it.

            You really are a fucking moron and the world would be better off without pathetic fucking losers like you.

          • So you fail to read what I wrote.

          • L.

            No, I know perfectly well what a self-entitled fucked-up wannabe-rapist piece of fucked-up shit you are, Retaker cocksucker.

          • I’m a wannabe rapist?

          • Kevin

            ok so according to you if its not physical its not stealing, so if i broke into your bank account online and transferred your money to me it wouldn’t be stealing because i’m not taking it in cash or check form.

          • That doesn’t make any sense retard because the money in a bank account is a real physical thing. Money is not numbers on a computer screen. A better example is if I look through someone’s window to see the movie that they ordered from beginning to end by your guys logic I am stealing a movie. XD

          • John C

            Your analogy is so far off. First off, movies and programs/video games are totally different.

            Secondly, how is your bank account balance anything BUT digital code on a screen? Plus, if we wanted to use your excuse of banking balance is still “real”; the developing studio transfers from their budget balance to each employees’ personal bank balances and the sales from the game that was produced is transferred from your bank balance to the studio’s balance. So by pirating, you are essentially taking $60 away from the stuio’s balance that would’ve been a sale.

            Even with YOUR ANALOGY Gamezard, you are taking from someone else’s bank balance just as Kevin would be taking from your bank balance if he emptied your account.

            But simply put.. Gamezard, did you spend thousands of hours over the span of many years creating that video game? No? Therefore it is not fucking yours and taking it without permission, without paying, IS FUCKING STEALING!

          • You do know what the bank numbers repentant right? They represent really physical money. Digital games are nothing more than data. That’s why pirating games are not stealing. The dev loses nothing from people pirating games. Now buying used games are comparable to stealing. See John C. when you actually people thought into the things you say you would not come off as those retarded SJWs that think with emotions and not logic. Understand now? :^)

          • John C

            You’re literally defending/advocating to the theft of digital rights that a BUSINESS has spent the last 5+ years paying dozens if not hundreds of employees for those 5+ years to work on a creation.

            I don’t know what you do for a living but imagine the last 5 years, you’ve been working on something and spent 10+ million to create it only to have some average intelligence, basement dweller think they deserve YOUR work and take it from you to enjoy without giving you a dime in return?

            Buy it from local game shops? Where they buy it for massively cheap and want to resale for 3x what they spent? Especially if all this is because you had an issue with the ME3 ending or because of some other immature, egotistic excuse for being a thief?

          • You do know that some people don’t like supporting openly racists bigots, right? On that note, when was the last time you donated to the KKK?

          • John C

            And what the hell are YOU talking about, last time I checked Bioware has never donated to the KKK..

          • No, I’m asking YOU. When was the last time you donated to the KKK and when do you plan on doing so?

          • It’s not stealing to pirate digital games retard. But it is stealing to buy games used. Used games sales are very bad for the devs. Imagine working hard on a game to have some autistic little moron spend $40 to buy the game used. Instead of spending $60 that would go to thr dev. Than that same autistic little moron would act all superior for that selfish decision. How sad. :^(

          • John C

            Used games do hurt sales but at least the Devs received the initial sale, pirating is WORSE..

            So you think the Devs working hard on a game, having someone buy a copy for $60, sell back to GameStop for $30 and have GameStop resell for $50 (where the Devs doesn’t receive ANY of that second $50 purchase) is worse than you pirating the game and the Devs not getting even the initial $60 purchase at all?

            You obviously must’ve failed math and economics, kid.

            SJW? Hell no!!! I just don’t agree with punk kids who weren’t disciplined properly thinking they’re entitled to stealing someone else’s work/property.
            It took much more work for a Devs to create a video game than it did for a some programmer to create a one time UI.

            And the “real money” your bank balance represents isn’t actually real. Our currency is just a bunch of special paper printed with special ink and our government assigns specific values to each note. The $20 bill in my wallet might be respected as representing $20 but it’s really worth less than a single sheet of printer paper. IF you really want to be delusional and try to throw “real money” around concerning bank accounts..

          • Sorry dude but buying used games is worse than pirating. Used games are almost like stealing. Let me explain how. When you buy a used game the devs are losing money and a physical product. Every time that used game is sold that person that brought it is giving money to anyone but the devs. When someone pirates a game the devs lose nothing as that person was never going to buy the game anyway.

            You don’t understand math and economics kid. Money is connected to the gold standard. So paper money has a value because it is connected to gold reserves. Man you are dumb.

            You and your retarded SJW logic is like someone buying the Xbox One and expected good exclusives. But as scalebound proved that is not the case. Get some logic child.

          • John C

            The developers should would’ve at least received the initial original purchase money, with used games.
            Used games –
            Dev received $60 from new purchase, receives $0 from used purchase. Dev still received $60.
            Pirate games –
            Dev receives $0 total because game pirate is a disgusting human being. Losers who pirate games, that never would’ve even bought the game don’t deserve to play it. Don’t deserve access to that experience unless devs allowed them or they bought that access.

            Our paper money is only connected to a gold standard because that’s what we gave it. if our economy completely crashed, the only good our paper money is good for is maybe making tiny fires.

            SJW? Again, no I’m not. If anything, you’re the spoiled kid using the same closed minded everything belongs to me mindset. You don’t deserve shit unless you pay for it.

            Scaleboard looked like shit to me anyways. At least Microsoft didn’t further push an already way delayed game, causing their company to almost bankrupt like another console company..

            I own/play on every platform, so shut your ignorant bias up and gtfo

          • Man you are very retarded. Used games are worse than stealing because people are paying for a product the the devs don’t get money from. It’s like buying stolen goods. Pirating games don’t lose the devs anything. People that buy used games are damaging the game industry and that’s why everything is becoming digital only. Also that is why games make more money on PC.
            So you admit that your statement about the number on the bank account being nothing is wrong. Good for you as your brain finally did something correct.

            Only a liberal SJW like you would not realize how the economy works. You probably are still bitching about Trump becoming president. Just get a Job and stop buying used games and you might be worth more than shit One day.

            OH now it all make sense. Your ignorance about gaming and the world. You are an Xbox fanboy. Xbox fanboys are the most retarded of console fanboys. Sorry dude but Microsoft cancelling Scalebound was stupid as hell as what else does Xbone has? PS4 is raping the shit out of Xbone and ascalebound could have gave Xbone and edge but not it is dead just like the Xbone.
            I highly doubt you own a PC, PS4, OR Wii U. and besides owning and playing every platform doesn’t change how retarded and wrong you are.

    • Ebalosus

      “Year later”

      If it goes the way of Arse Effect 3, expect it to go on sale a month or so after launch.

      • L.

        Congratulations, you’re a fucking terrorist piece of shit. How does it feel devoting your life to threatening to murder video game developers who’ll never suck your dick?

        • Oh so you are just a pathtic troll. This is making me nostalgic of Niche gamer. 🙂

        • Ebalosus

          Back to your old tricks, eh Lillium/”blanket cocoon”?

    • L.

      You sad fucking loser. You assholes genuinely thought a video game not ending exactly the way you wanted it to is justification for threatening to murder people, and your terrorist campaign completely failed to get BioWare to suck your dick.

      How does it feel knowing that millions of people are hyped for Andromeda and you can’t change that?

      • Blank

        chill bro

      • MONAD

        You’re fucking retarded.

        • Hopefully he is just an autistic troll. If not then he is a retarded man child.

      • Udigz

        Stupid cunt. It has nothing to do with ME3 ending. One of the devs is a racist piece of shit that calls for the murder of white people.

    • Jeff Scout

      Refuse to pay full price for quite possibly one if the best games ever made ? I mean seriously all the mass effect games have been excellent and the amount of gameplay hours you get for just 60 bucks is an incredible value ok 59.99 for a major BLOCKBUSTER AAA GAME like mass effect is a good deal and when people say shit like oh I’m gonna wait a year for when it’s on sale lol how ignorant can you be ok dude stop being cheap and hard headed alright these games take a lot of money and time to develop as they spend literally years and years making these games and paying all the developers and all the different people to make these games and it doesn’t come cheap which is why games cost as much as they do alright IF YOURE A REAL GAMER LIKE ME WHO HAS BEEN PLAYING VIDEO GAMES FOR THE LAST 32 years of my life where I understand that in order to get all the great experiences I’ve had throughout my life with gaming I know if I didn’t support the gaming industry and purchase the games then I wouldn’t have any to play because the games aren’t gonna create themselves alright it takes a lot of really hard work from dedicated people with the love and passion to develop these awesome games which we the consumer get to enjoy but if everyone takes the same bullshit attitude as you then none of us would have good games because developers couldn’t make any money so they wouldn’t be making games alright THE POINT IM TRYING TOO MAKE IS THAT VIDEO GAMES ARE AN AWESOME THING IN LIFE AND WE THE GAMERS NEED TO SUPPORT THE INDUSTRY WE LOVE AND ARE SO PASSIONATE ABOUT AND WHEN WE HAVE A DEVELOPER SUCH AS BIOWARE N EA WHICH CREATE THESE VERY AWESOME GAMES WHICH PROVIDE US WITH HOURS UPON HOURS OF AWESOMENESS SUCH AS THE MASS EFFECT SERIES THEN WE SHOULD SUPPORT THEM AND BUY THE GAMES THEY MAKE FOR US AND STOP SAYING STUPID IMMATURE CRAP like oh I’m gonna wait a year when it’s on sale because I ain’t paying 60 bucks for this shit……. well guess what if you don’t like the game don’t fucking buy it but don’t hate and be a cheap prick and say stupid comments because it’s people like you who pirate Pc games and don’t wanna pay for anything which causes Pc gaming to be in such as shitty place where it’s in danger of dying off and being overtaken by the new ultra powerful consoles such as PS4 pro and Xbox Scorpio because game developers aren’t making any money developing games and making ports for the Pc because their games are always pirated and never paid for which is why I left Pc gaming for consoles because all Pc games these days are shitty unoptimized ports because developers aren’t putting their time and money into Pc games because their losing their asses SO YEA IF EVERYONE TAKES YOUR ATTITUDE THEN CONSOLES WOULD ALSO DIE OFF EVENTUALLY because if everyone waits for one year to buy a game until it’s on sale then developers would go out of business and wouldn’t be making games anymore and as a gamer myself and a very passionate gamer your comment pisses me off because you should be supporting the game industry that gives us so much and has given us so many awesome hours of fun filled entertainment over the years and without developers to make and develop our games we wouldn’t have them