Mr. Shifty: Fast-paced Teleporting Action Game Coming Summer 2017

Team Shifty and TinyBuild Games have teamed up together to create a game that mixes Hotline Miami and Nightcrawler style teleporting action, into a single game. Meet the superpowered teleporter, Mr. Shifty!

TinyBuild Games has been pumping out some really cool content recently, with games like Hello Neighbor, Party Hard, Speedrunners, and Guts And Glory. TinyBuild Games seems to pick up and publish games that have potential to become something amazing, but no one else wants to touch because it doesn’t fit in with the AAA agenda; as a result, we are now getting some pretty cool looking indie games.

TinyBuild Games newest game to their roster is Mr. Shifty, a fast-paced action-packed game that features a top-down perspective, and puts players in control of using the amazing ability to teleport around the stage at lightning fast speeds as you manipulate time and space. Take a look at the official Announcement trailer that I linked down below.

I think you can see now why people are comparing Mr. Shifty to X-Men’s Nightcrawler. The plot follows our lead hero as he attempts to break into the world’s most secure facilities to pull off an impossible heist. This places Mr. Shifty in various dangerous situations where he is often times outnumbered and outgunned, but who cares when you can teleport!

It’s like Mr. Shifty takes the theme from the movie Jumper and turned it into an awesome action game. Mr. Shifty is also extremely hardcore in terms of its gameplay mechanics since he has no life bar. Instead, it features one shot kills, so you will need to think fast, move fast, and use the enemy forces against one another by using your teleportation abilities to overcome the odds.

Of course, this is simply going by trailers, GIFs, screenshots, and the information the publishers have shared on their Twitter page these past few weeks as they gear up to showcase the game at PAX 2017.

GameSpot Gameplay Channel made a video showcasing 6 minutes of Mr.Shifty Gameplay, so check out the second video linked below.

I haven’t actually played the game for myself just yet, but if you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, you can head on over to their Beta Tester Page  and fill out the form for your chance to gain Early Access.

Make sure to also visit the Official Mr. Shifty website for additional information, or follow them on their Steam Store Page to be alerted when the game officially launches.



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