New Dawn Trailer Shows Crafting, Combat Ahead Of Kickstarter Campaign

E-Visualsoft released a new gameplay trailer for New Dawn, their pirate-themed survival game set just before the colonial era during the age of pirates. The trailer is four and a half minutes long detailing some of the gameplay aspects for the upcoming Unreal Engine 4-powered title.

We briefly covered New Dawn before, informing readers about the game and how it will allow players to take on the role of various indigenous tribes. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what it’s like.

The start of the trailer gives a slow pan and scan over the rich environments before showing off some of the wildlife, such as roaming buffalo in the fields.

We get some in-game fly-by shots of the animals before things switch over to a player-character who scales up a tree to get some resources, and then shortly thereafter hunts down and kills a buffalo. The buffalo meat is used for nourishment, and then we get to see the player-character setting down some teepees in an open-space.

There’s the typical emergent gameplay, where player-designated areas of survival and conquest will likely fuel territory wars and different tactics for trying to survive.

There are also some other accessories and nick knacks that can be added to the camp, but it’s not explained what things such as totems do other than decorate the surrounding area with a bit of a human touch.

We also get a small glimpse of the game’s pre-alpha combat system. We see that you can throw spears for long range attacks, as well as use spears for melee combat. There is a standard attack and block present, along with being able to kick opponents to knock them off their feet. It looks like a more in-depth system based on what was present in Far Cry: Primal.

You can look for New Dawn to start its crowdfunding phase on January 16th, where the developers will attempt to source some funding and finish the project. You can learn more by visiting the official website.


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