NieR: Automata Gameplay Videos Demo Droid Commands, Abandoned Cities
NieR: Automata

During a live-stream, Platinum Games showcased more footage of the upcoming NieR: Automata for the PS4. The footage was captured from the recent 2017 Tapei Game Show in Taiwan.

DualShockers managed to post up the six minute video that starts off by showing 2B and her companions journeying through the destroyed city, traveling briefly through a sewer and then checking out a park in the distance where fireworks are taking place. You can check out the video below.

They then travel back through the sewer and through the ruins of the city to check out another area across a bridge. There are no enemies around but there is a massive tower to climb where players can loot a box up top or look around and survey the post-apocalyptic landscape.

The first video ends and the second video kicks into gear, featuring more of 2B’s exploration exploits. After climbing the tower they then hop down and begin exploring more. You can check it out below.

They show off some building hopping as well as use the assistant droids to float down to the ground. Over on the NieR: Automata fan blog, a translation of the video demonstration explained that there were different rewards that they handed out at the event for those who completed the demo on hard mode. In the videos we also see that you can modify some directives for the floating droids accompanying 2B and her companion, causing it to fall in the water in standby more, jettison off into the distance or follow closely behind 2B.

There’s no combat in the two videos and instead it mostly focuses on the way you can venture around the areas, unlock regions and explore the world of Automata.

They avoided showing off too much so that none of the story elements would be spoiled ahead of the game’s release in North America on March 7th. You can look for the game to arrive on PS4 and at some point later in 2017 on PC.

Platinum and Square have done a fine job of keeping a lot of the secrets and story elements under wraps, so they just have another month to go before the game makes its way into the hands of the public.


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