Nioh Screenshots Reveal New Characters And Locations For PS4

Gamers who are excited to play Nioh will have yet another chance to get a good look at the game thanks to Koei Tecmo updating the game’s official website. As of recent, the publisher released a bevy amount of screenshots showing off new characters and locations in Team Ninja’s upcoming third-person action-adventure game, Nioh.

We are only a month out before Nioh hits retail store shelves and the digital scene for fans to snag, in which the game is slated to release for PS4 over in North America on February 7th, in Europe on February 8th, and in Japan on February 9th.

Easing the pain for those who have to wait a full month to get their hands on the third-person action-adventure game, Koei Tecmo released a nice amount of screenshots showing various characters and locations.

Joining these locations are bosses, too. As seen above in the header image a giant burning skeleton also makes an appearance that looks very devastating and like it will make for a formidable opponent.

These images or screenshots come from the game’s official website and, as noted above, are featured on both the World page and Gallery page of the website that also contains stills for Honda Tadakatsu and Li Naomasa. Those who are interested in character VAs will find that the former is voiced by Tessho Genda and the latter by Jun Fukuyama.

But enough of me rambling on about the screenshots. You can check out all 17 screens that are now up on

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So far the game is shaping up nicely and looks to hold a lot of challenging enemies and stages when it rolls out. While we wait, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja upcoming game, Nioh, will release for PS4 on February 7th in North America, on February 8th in Europe, and on February 9th in Japan.


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