Panty Party, Pantsu Game Now Playable On Steam

Remember the pantsu game that came out some time ago on Greenlight? Yup, the game where you play as courageous pantsu fighting for the Warrior of Love is now officially on Steam and has undergone a slight name change to Panty Party instead of Pan Pan. The game by Animu Games is currently running for $8.99 on PC via Steam.

Dashing through the streets at high-speeds, using powerful weapons and taking on the most formidable panties set with evil intentions, you must take up a pair and battle for the Warrior of Love. All of this high-tension and battling good versus evil pantsu takes place over the existence of humanity and will determine whether they will live to see another day, or die out to the evil pantsu.

“Panty Party is a fast-paced battle game. Fly as a panty in the street and in-between buildings. Search for the enemy panties and kick their bad ♥♥♥!”

The dev makes it apparent that it’s a funny fighting game full of comedy and panties (or pantsu). The game is all about beating up enemies and exploring the adventure side of the story, if that sounds like something worth checking out two new video trailers sit below for you to watch.

As it stands now a lot of people seem to really enjoy the game, although I don’t know how great Panty Party is to play, there seems to be a lot of comments saying stuff like “this is GOTY material”, especially when you unlock a certain tentacle pair of panties.

It’s also worth noting that this game has a collection system, this means that if you want to change up your play style you’ll have to go out and obtain them. This includes the “White panty” that’s soft, the “Bear panty ” which is fierce, the “Classic panty” being vanilla, and the mysterious Sailor pair that can do something special.

You can get this game for $9.99 over on Steam, but Panty Party currently holds a special 10% deal bringing its initial price down to $8.99 until January 31st.


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