Past Cure PS4 Demo Video Highlights Graphics And Animations

The upcoming third-person action game for PS4 called Past Cure is slowly making headway as the independent developers from out of Berlin, Germany have released a new milestone video showing the progress they’ve made on the game as far as animations, movement and lighting is concerned.

The video was posted up on the IM Game Studio YouTube channel, featuring ambient music while the main character walks around in a not-so-empty parking garage.

You can check out the quick demonstration video below.

The cars are detailed enough, but the real highlight is the screen space lighting, physically based rendering and directional shadow casting. As the lights beam down on the cars we can see where the shadows bend and flex along the lower end of the mesh. There’s positional refraction, so the reflections of light appear on the windshields based on where the player-character is standing. We transparency and tint on display as well, along with depth of field and high-poly models.

The game appears to be coming along quite nicely, given that this particular video is a huge step up from the last video that came out in November, which showcased more of the combat animations and NPC reactions. You can check that out below in case you missed it before.

I’m not really sure what Past Cure is shaping up to be, but based on the demo reels and improvements that the studio has released, it looks like it’s potentially going to be a really cool game. They label it as a shooter title, so I’m assuming we can expect it to be like Max Payne with a side-order of MMA-style combat. They highlight what a finished piece of the melee fighting might look like in the finished product.

Now all we have to do is wait to get a real trailer for the game so we can find out what the story is about and how this all comes together. For now I’m loving the core design mechanics, and if the game plays out as smooth as it looks in those white box demo reels, I think gamers could be in for a real treat when the game finally makes its debut on PS4.

For more info be sure to visit the official IM Game Studio website.

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