Power Rangers Trailer Showcases An Ugly Goldar And Megazord Fighting
Power Rangers 2017
(Last Updated On: January 20, 2017)

Saban and Lionsgate released the second full trailer for Power Rangers featuring more footage of the upcoming remake of the classic kid’s show.

The trailer is just under three minutes. It starts with a voiceover about the five kids not knowing each other but they’re all screw-ups. These piece of crap teenagers end up becoming the saviors of the world. I don’t know who the head honcho is over the cosmos picking the millennial generation of galactic heroes, but they’ve been doing a real crappy job of it.

You can check out the two minute and 41 second trailer below courtesy of Entertainment Access.

Set to the has-been music of Kanye West (“Power” to be exact), the Power Rangers trailer adds a lot more action this time around but doesn’t do a very good job of convincing the general movie-going audience that the movie won’t be crap.

Rita, for instance, looks lazily done. I’m not sure if she’s supposed to be a super model rock or a poor cosplay of Poison Ivy but it’s just not working. Goldar is even worse off than Rita, looking like a polished turd with wings.

The Megazord actually isn’t that much better. It looks like the big retarded cousin of Michael Bay’s Optimus Prime, just not as memorable and far less cool looking. I didn’t think such a thing was possible… yet somehow they made it possible.

Power Rangers 2017 - Megazord

Anyway, we finally get to see the Puddies, and they’re actual rock monsters this time around. Like, literal rock monsters… bad CGI rock monsters, too. The Power Rangers themselves don’t look too bad but they also look like they might be in CG during some of the fight sequences. The fighting, by the way, is minimum and almost not present.

It’s amazing that the core element of the original show is almost non-existent in this new version (or at least, what they’ve shown of the new version).

Regardless, I miss the heroes of old; the ones who held ideals of hope and had a strong moral compass. At least Marvel got it right with Captain America… we can still rely on Captain America to be a proper beacon of hope amongst a cavalcade of burned out, crappy, morally disingenuous super heroes (especially the ones DC have been giving us lately).

Anyway, you can look for Power Rangers to hit a theater near you in March.

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  • scemar

    it’s like a missmatch of many different recent successful movie styles,tones and aesthetics forcefully merged into a muddy mess

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    It looks pretty bad, but I still wanna kinda watch it because of how much cheese I know it will have.

  • BubbaHoTep

    The Megazord looks like a combination of the worst parts of a Michael Bay Transformer and Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim. Overall I’m not super optimistic about this film, but at least it’ll probably be better than Fant4stic.

  • Bitterbear

    Just a reminder that Haim Saban owns Univision along with Gizmodo and Fusion.

  • Grey

    This may potentially be one of the worst re-imaginings of an idea ever. It’s got some pretty stiff competition, but I can’t recall another one of these Hollywood reboots that got the core concept so completely wrong. It was like they had a check list of what the Power Rangers were and made a point of deliberately doing the opposite of that. I’m actually shocked they bothered to even get the colors right and didn’t just make them all tacticool black.

  • Reven

    Man, there’s some things I like, and some things that I’m still thinking could ruin this. I love Rita’s design in this, I could see that as an actual TV show villain design, so props on that. The Ranger suits however… “Over-designed” is the phrase that comes to mind, it just looks way to detailed, same issue the MB Transformers movies had, over-designs. Not enough of the Megazord to really judge, and I do like how they are portraying Zordon. But why that song for the trailer theme? That’s so Saint’s Row 3…