Project CARS 2 Expected Around September; New Screenshots Release

Slightly Mad Studios haven’t been putting a whole lot of hype behind Project CARS 2 the way they did with the original game. However, gamers are still getting a hefty helping of new content leading up to the game’s release later this year for home consoles and PC.

Over on the Slightly Mad Studios forums, studio head Ian Bell mentioned that they expect to have the game out by sometime in September, saying…

“It’s still a very tight run as we’re a bit behind on GUI and Career so nothing is set in stone yet. Current guess is Septemberish.”

This news was followed up recently with some new screenshots that showcased some of the different weather and road conditions that gamer swill be racing on in Project CARS 2. Team VVV posted up the new screenshots, some of which you can check out below.

PCARS 2 15

PCARS 2 14

PCARS 2 13

That first shot looks fantastic. The hues of the setting sun canvassing the snowy track with the forests just off in the horizon is gorgeous.

The open-road rally races look like they could be some real fun. I love how spacious the roads look. Usually in sims the tracks are kept closed in and tight. In this case we get a little something different, taking players out of the closed circuit loops and goes for something scenic and large. It’s about time given the rapid progression of PC hardware in a market where there’s perpetual stagnation from console hardware.

But speaking of closed circuit races, there are a few screenshots showing the more classic loops, which you can check out below.

PCARS 2 12



I’m not sure what sort of upgrades they’re making to Project CARS 2 just yet, but on the visual front it still largely looks the same as the first game. Hopefully PC gamers will get a right proper upgrade over the console counterparts, otherwise it’ll just feel like the same game with new tracks and cars.

You can keep track of the progress by paying a visit to the game’s official website.


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