Psyko Gaming Headset Bundle For PS4, Xbox One Marked Down To $149.99

For a limited time, Psyko Audio has a bundled package available for console gamers featuring the Psyko Gaming Headset with 7.1 professional uncompressed audio capabilities for only $149.99. The bundle pack originally goes for $200 but during this year’s CES they decided to throw gamers a bone.

The bundle contains the the gaming headset, a digital decoder amp and a clip-on mic. The digital decoder contains an adapter for the Xbox One or PS4, so you can plug the headset directly into the console and make use of the uncompressed 5.1 digital surround sound.

Psyko Digital Decoder Amp

On PC you gain access to full-on 7.1 professional digital output, complete with amp controls so you can modify exactly how you want your audio to sound and adjust the levels to suit your gaming needs. The amp allows for full bass, volume and treble control along with sporting five different LED visual indicators to let you know what your audio settings are like.

The headset itself contains five individual drivers to help give the most quality output in sound possible. You can also use the pivoted ear cups for directing the audio into your lobes in the best way possible.

Psyko Audio announced that the headset, clip-on mic and 5.1/7.1 digital audio decoder bundle for the Xbox One and PS4 will only be available in a limited quantity, so if you wanted to upgrade your listening experience on Microsoft or Sony’s gaming console, the Psyko gaming headset might not be a bad way to go about it while it’s discounted.

Of course, $149.99 for a headset is a hefty price to pay if you’re gaming on a budget. However, if you really, really love high-quality sound output and you’re a music aficionado and maybe you want to upgrade your gaming audio experience on home consoles, it’s not the worst purchase you can make. A real shame this discounted bundle deal came just after Christmas, eh?

If you want to pick up the Psyko gaming headset bundle for Xbox One or PS4, you can visit the official Psyko website.


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