Puzzle One: Rubik’s Cube Inspired Puzzle Game Aims For Steam Release

Puzzle One was originally released back in 2012, but now developer Portponky is attempting to bring his brain twisting puzzle game titled, Puzzle One, to the Steam Store as he re-releases it for the year 2017.

The original Puzzle One was apparently an extremely hard puzzle game that was like a complex digital version of a Rubik’s Cube. The objective of the game is to rotate the pieces so that all the colors move back to their original “solved” positions.

The challenge with Puzzle One however is that the puzzles are not always square boxes, they can come in a large variety of different shapes and designs which makes solving them quite difficult.

This system works similar to other puzzle games that requires you to rotate puzzle pieces around to match all the colors in a row, but the only difference is that Puzzle One offers a large variety of different puzzle styles for you to solve, ranging from numbers being put in their proper order, to the classic style of matching colors, with each puzzle style having a different difficulty level to suit your puzzle solving needs.

After you finish the puzzle, the game will record your progress and show you how long it took you to solve the puzzle from start to finish. The developer wants to bring Puzzle One to Steam so that he can create leaderboards and ranking charts using the best times system so that players can compete with each other around the world to compare their stats.

Portponky also says that now that Steam has Workshop content, players will be able to use the game’s text editor that defines the shape, colors, and style of the puzzles, to create their own content and share it with other players around the world.

Portponky released a video to showcase the complex puzzles of Puzzle One in the video that I linked below.

If Puzzle One looks like your type of puzzle game and you would like to see the new version come to Steam, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote and also learn more about the game.


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