Quarantine, Cure Simulator Heading To Steam Feb 9th

Simulation games like the Civilization series has captured the attention of a lot of people  over the years, and each iteration can keep a nice crowd of dedicated players coming back even after a new title in the series replaces the game. I’m not sure if 505 Games and Sproing’s Quarantine will do the same thing, but it will be heading to PC via Steam Early Access on February 9th.

This cure sim sees players taking charge over a company that is in a perpetual state of war on pandemic diseases that plague the world. The turn-based game puts players front and center at the epicenter of disease control in an attempt to stifle epidemics that could prove deadly to the entire population.

“Find the cure. Save the world. Quarantine is an intense turn-based strategy game about waging war on pandemic disease. Recruit a team of specialized operatives to deploy on worldwide missions. Research the contagion, upgrade your tech, and quarantine the outbreak before it kills us all.”

I should note that this game has a lot of simulation fans talking and saying that this game is copying Plague Inc., the latter of which covers the same concept of researching diseases, except your job in that game is to eradicate all human kind by creating an abomination to end the human race.

You can be the judge if this game is ripping-off Plague Inc. or if its bringing something original to the table by checking out the video trailer below.

Besides recruiting and assembling a team, there will be a system that allows players to advance their lab and technology to better face the three types of pathogens known as Virus, Bacteria and Prion.

Gamers that are interested in the research sim entitled Quarantine can learn more regarding the game and the developers by heading on over to playquarantine.com.


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