Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol 1 Walkthrough
Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 1
(Last Updated On: January 31, 2017)

The first bit of DLC for Resident Evil 7 has gone live. Capcom released the Banned Footage Vol 1., content for PS4 gamers first. For those of you looking for a walkthrough guide for the content there are videos available.

The content is covered in depth by YouTuber RabidRetroSpecGames. The first video features the game’s new Nightmare mode, where Ethan must survive in the horrific basement until dawn. It starts at 12:00am and he must make it to 5:00am. The survival mode is similar to the horde mode in games like Gears of War 4 or the Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. You can check it out below.

You’ll want to activate the compactors in order to earn coins to buy ammo and weapons from the workbench. You’ll have to survive for five minutes to complete an hour of in-game time.

Compactors will eventually shut off so be sure to keep them activated. You’ll also need to purchase certain equipment from the workbench to unlock new areas in the survival map, such as the corrosive material, which will allow you to access additional compactors, which in turn will make you more money.

If you unlock four compactors, you’ll be able to race through and turn them all on and make a thousand coins pretty quickly. Be sure to turn on the compactor in the boss room where you fight Jack, otherwise you could miss out on some extra coins.

2:00am will introduce the bloats, and they’ll require a ton of ammo to defeat, so make sure you stock up on plenty of ammo.

You’ll want a shotgun to create separation between you and the monsters. If you have P19 Machine Gun use it in the open areas where you have space to pick your shots. The grenade launcher is essential for killing Jack and the bloats.

The flamethower is pretty flow when it comes to damaging enemies but it does lots of damage.

Also, there are traps around the area. do not use the traps until 4:00am when Jack comes back with his chainsaw scissors.

Use the traps to do extra damage because he will tank the hits like a boss… because he is a boss.

The next piece of content is called the “Bedroom”, featuring Clancy Javis, the cameraman from the camera crew that was featured early on in Resident Evil 7. This is also part of the Banned Vol. 1 content.

It’s only 14 minutes long but you can see it below.

If you choose “Wow, this looks delicious” Marguerite will leave you alone in the room and then you can unfasten yourself from the chains.

Grab the lantern off the wall and the lighter from the table. There’s a knife behind the dresser. Unhinge the second hand from the clock and take the spoon. Unlock the grandfather clock and take the photo from inside. Put the lantern back onto the wall and climb back into bed before the timer runs out.

When Marguerite leaves take the lantern off the wall again and take the paintings – the rectangular, oval and small square paintings. Place them on the wall in the proper order of: rectangle, oval, square.

There’s a sewing needle inside the box. Take it.

Replace the paintings on the wall in the order you found them in.

Head over to the door and put in the lock combination as pictured above.

Use the sewing needle in the clock to put it at 5:00. The alarm will end up going off. Make sure you put everything back exactly the way it was before, including the paintings being on the wall (with the rectangular painting going on the barrel in the corner), and the lantern on the wall.

Take the silverware from the platter and use the fork to unhinge the cabinet in the other room. Use the knife to open up the box and place the lantern inside. Put the fork on the pedestal and align the fork with the silhouette.

Place the stove on the barrel and light it on fire to break the wine glass and get the spiders off the wall.

Take the wine corks and use them to unhinge the mantles that hold the lantern and then place the mantel on the second pedestal. Align the mantle as pictured in the image below.

After stabbing Marguerite, Clancy will attempt to make a daring escape through the secret passage, marking the end to the banned footage called “Bedroom”.

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  • Disqusted

    Wow, Capcom making DLC only took a little longer than CPY cracking their Denuvo! (sarcasm)

    • Disqusted

      So the general consensus I’m seeing about this game is it’s a pretty good game, but it’s not “Resident Evil”. Seeing a lot of people saying “it doesn’t feel like Biohazard/Resident Evil at all” and “where are the zombies?”

      ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

      Also considering a crazy theory that maybe Capcom decided to introduce a huge twist by making Chris the next “Albert Wesker”, in that he was a secret agent for Umbrella all along, and that’s how he was able to constantly beat Wesker. It’d also explain Enrico being so convinced that Chris was the traitor in RE1 – maybe he was.

      • I don’t think Chris is a double agent. He’s been portrayed as too much of a meat head and put his life on the line WAAAAAY too many times.

        Also, the game played out in more of a survival horror fashion (the first half anyway) more-so than the original Resident Evil. You spent a good deal of time just trying to survive, hide and run from the baddies. At least you felt slightly formidable in the first Resident Evil. I thought Capcom did a brilliant job making players feel helpless early on in Resident Evil 7. The tension was real.

        I do worry about how they’ll exploit the formula for Resident Evil 8, though. I think first-person also worked well for the series… there was this claustrophobic feeling and a sense of unforeseen danger lurking around the corners.

        There were some major technical limitations they should have overcome, though, such as a lack of rag-doll enemies, lack of physics-based destruction in the environment, lack of environmental interaction, and a lack of emergent features to make it feel less stilted and amusement park oriented.

        • Disqusted

          Chris being so much of a meathead is one of the reasons why I’m a little suspicious of him. And Capcom has changed their characters before (Barry is much more of a jerk in RE1 Remake than RE1, Rebecca’s personality in RE0 is different to RE1, Wesker being a cliche megalomaniac in RE5 compared to before that, etc) so I wouldn’t be surprised if they suddenly made Chris a bad guy.

          I’ve been watching a lot of RE7 playthroughs and I don’t think I’d enjoy playing it myself. Not a fan of the first person thing. I do like that RE7 is back to a more survival horror kinda thing instead of the guns blazing stuff.

          Saw some people complaining that it was too short, so I looked up current speed run records. Fastest right now is 1 hour 33 minutes, and that guy seems to say there’s lots of still room for improvement.

          • fnd

            1 hour and 33 minutes is par for the course for RE games. And i’m not sure i believe this plot twist that spans 7 titles and counting, you sound like a tinfoil hat conspiranut 😀

          • Disqusted

            Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. When I played through The Last Guardian, I thought it was long as hell. Seems the fastest time is 4 hours. That’s when I looked up the fastest times for its predecessors, and they were all around 1 hour at best. The Resident Evil games are like that, too.

            Well, obviously Capcom wants to do something big with the ending of RE7, because it’s really very vague as hell. I don’t think anybody who played through RE7 expected a Redfield+Umbrella ending.

            The impression I’ve been getting is that Resident Evil as a series has been getting pretty stale of late. They made people think RE7 was going to be a departure, and keep saying they want to “reboot”, and I think that kind of mindset could lead to them trying to throw a big twist in. It’d probably get people talking and looking at the old games again.

          • there’s one more possibility. That it’s a clone, which is probably the most boring and lame possibility. That’s not exactly past Capcom, either. I hope the next game isn’t about facing an army of Chris clones.

            It happened with Ada, I can definitely see it happening with Chris, especially since he’s so good at killing zombies. Why not clone more?

          • Jennifer Knight

            My theory?

            HUNK is actually a long lost Redfield sibling. A Black sheep of the family.

          • The royal screw-up of the family that ended up working for Umbrella? I can definitely buy that.

        • fnd

          “such as a lack of rag-doll enemies”
          Eh, ragdolls sucks way too often, only rockstar can put out quality ragdolls thanks to euphoria. Maybe lack of heavy physics is why japan manages to shurn out amazing looking games with light requeriments (just a theory, since MGSV didn’t use ragdoll as well).

          • Euphoria + RE7 = glorious!

            In the parts where Jack hits Ethan down the steps, instead of just falling and getting back up, Ethan would have tumbled down the steps in first person… that would have been fantastic! Just like in GTA IV!

            I do agree that going lo-fi on the tech specs lets Capcom scale the game better and avoid more QA (and also makes it more compatible to hit Sony’s stringent PSVR specifications), but it would have been really immersive having some of those physics elements in there.

          • Disqusted

            Outside of euphoria, I think a combination of animation and ragdoll probably works best. Or toned down ragdolls to not look so comical and floppy.

            On a relevant note, a friend who bought and read that Japanese game dev book that SJWs tried to suppress (I think it was that book) said that Japanese devs often don’t use ragdolls because messing around with dead bodies is seen as disrespectful, or something like that.

          • fnd

            Dark Souls 1 and 3 devs disagree. While it is hilarious to see ragdoll bodies without weight (The likes of Dead Space and Dark Souls) it often breaks immersion. COD games and Batman games does it right for the most part.