Resident Evil 7 Endings Explained
Resident Evil 7 - Eveline
(Last Updated On: January 24, 2017)

Resident Evil 7 has multiple endings depending on various distinct choices players can make at vital points in the game. There’s a good and bad ending in Resident Evil 7 but if you need a bit of help figuring out what happened, this guide clearly lays it out for you, whether you’re playing on PC, PS4, PSVR or Xbox One.

The game starts with two messages being played by Mia Winters to her husband Ethan Winters. In one message she’s jolly and telling him how much she misses him. In the second message she’s disturbed and tells him to stay away. This occurred in 2014, three years later in 2017 Ethan receives another cryptic message from Mia, and this time he follows it to Dulvey, Louisiana, to a seemingly abandoned farm house.

When Ethan gets there, he finds out that various people had gone missing when checking out the house since the owners, the Baker family, had seemingly gone missing as well. Nevertheless, using some old VHS recordings as a guide, Ethan discovers a hidden passageway through the fireplace that leads him down into a cellar where he finds a Mia… peacefully resting on a bed. He awakens Mia and the two plan their escape, but Mia is disturbed… troubled… and she didn’t want Ethan to find her.

Resident Evil 7

As Mia leads them out of the house she turns and attacks Ethan, forcing him to retaliate by striking her with an axe. Mia doesn’t die, though. A contorted face twisted into a monstrosity of rage and violence, Mia grabs a chainsaw and proceeds to maim Ethan’s arm, cutting it off above the wrist.

Ethan manages to find a gun and seemingly “kill” Mia… again. Only he’s knocked out by Jack Baker, the owner of the old plantation.

In reality, Mia did not just magically morph into an evil witch. It turns out that she was actually being controlled by an E-Series experiment known as Eveline, a powerful little girl who was part of a top secret experiment. In a flashback sequence it turns out that Eveline is in Mia’s mind, twisting and distorting her sanity, forcing her to act like a monster – Eveline tells Mia to punish and kill Ethan, which is what led to Mia cutting off Ethan’s arm and attempting to murder him with the chainsaw.

Resident Evil 7

Eveline had escaped from her holding cell aboard a research lab ship traveling down the Mississippi river. Mia’s job was to work as a caretaker over Eveline, who had delusions of wanting a family. Mia pretended to be her surrogate mother. Operations director Alan Droney hadn’t properly secured Eveline during one their tests and she managed to escape. They were unable to keep her constrained using the serums, and she began a rapid mutation process. As an E-virus test subject Eveline had the ability to use psychotropic distortions, hallucinations and suggestion to force people to do what she wanted, all through a psycho-physiological mutagen.

During a flashback to 2014, it’s discovered by Mia that Eveline gestated offspring in the form of regenerative mutants, some of which were formed from the ship’s crew members. Mia attempts to kill Eveline but fails, and instead finds herself engulfed by the mutagen and controlled by Eveline. Before Eveline takes over completely, Mia manages to send Ethan a message telling him to stay away and forget about her. She does this shortly before the entire ship crashes ashore.

However, during the three year period, Eveline had ventured outside the ship and began infecting any and everything nearby, including the Baker family; starting with Jack and working her way through Marguerite Baker, Jack’s wife, Lucas Baker, Jack’s son, and Zoe Baker, Jack’s daughter.

Grandma Pain

Eveline ended up living with the Bakers due to her quickly deteriorating physical form. It’s explained in one of the reports that she has rapid cell growth, turning her into an old woman, thus making her physical form rather limited and bound to a wheelchair. She still has very strong psychic abilities, however, and still craves a loving family. Thus, Eveline uses Mia to send a message to Ethan to lure him to the plantation as one final attempt to create the family she always wanted.

Before Ethan arrived, over the course of the three years Eveline used the Baker family to recruit and grow her family, but most of the people died in the process. She managed to acquire 13 people who successfully become assimilated as monsters, while others failed to genetically adapt and ended up becoming cannibal food.

Ethan learns of these horrors after having his arm sewn back own by Marguerite, and forced to partake in a disgusting feast of human and animal organs.

Ethan manages to escape by tipping over and breaking his chair, he then proceeds to battle Jack Baker throughout the mansion, seemingly “killing” him by cutting his body in half with a chainsaw and blowing his upper torso to pieces.

Resident Evil 7

Ethan then manages to kill Marguerite with the aid of Zoe, her daughter. Zoe promises to help Ethan escape and even offers him guidance on how to help Mia as well. Zoe managed to avoid mutating like Jack and Marguerite since her exposure to the virus was minimal,but fears she will eventually lose her mind like Lucas.

Zoe directs Ethan around the plantation to recover certain items in order to create a cure for the D-series virus, which is what the Baker family was infected with. After getting briefly captured by Lucas and then freed by Ethan – after Lucas forces Ethan to partake in a series of SAW-like puzzles – Zoe concocts an antidote, but only makes enough for two people.

Before the serum can be administered Jack Baker attacks one last time as a giant mutated monster. Ethan is able to defeat him using one of the serum concoctions. Unfortunately, Ethan is forced to choose to either help Zoe or Mia. If Ethan chooses to help Mia, then Zoe stays behind and Mia and Ethan leave to go get help. If Ethan chooses to help Zoe, then Mia is left behind and Ethan and Zoe go to get help.

Resident Evil 7 - Bad Ending

The Bad Ending

If you help Zoe, you actually don’t help her at all. Essentially Zoe gets killed right after they leave the plantation. This occurs after Ethan and Zoe happen upon the crashed research boat. Eveline infects Zoe again and breaks her to pieces after solidifying her body. Ethan gets captured and Mia returns to the downed ship to find Eveline and rescue Ethan.

Mia manages to rescue Ethan, but ends up dying after Eveline takes control of her again and forces her to try to kill Ethan. Ethan impales Mia and she ends up turning to stone and crumbling to pieces. During Ethan’s time inside of Eveline’s cocoon he has a physic impulse from Jack Baker, who calmly explains that his family was normal but after being warped and controlled by Eveline, they turned into those monsters. Jack beckons Ethan to help free his family of Eveline’s psychic control and to kill her once and for all.

Ethan manages to track down an antidote for the E-Virus and battle Eveline one final time after he finds her in the old mansion, sitting in the wheelchair up in the attic. Ethan receives a bit of help from Redfield who drops Albert Wesker’s gun down to aid him during the final battle.

Redfield rappels down and helps Ethan to safety, flying him home in an Umbrella Corporation helicopter.

Resident Evil 7 - Endings

The Good Ending

If you have Ethan choose Mia to administer the antidote to you’ll get the good ending. Mia and Ethan leave Zoe behind and head to the old lab ship on their way out of the Baker’s plantation. Instead of dying, though, Mia is thrown off the boat and Ethan is captured. Mia proceeds to track down and save Ethan. Since she has the antidote in her stream, she doesn’t mutate and battles to resist the psychic influence from Eveline.

Ethan manages to leave the ship, find and kill Eveline and when Redfield shows up, Ethan is reunited with Mia on the helicopter. The game ends with Ethan explaining that when one door closes another opens, and that he has a second chance with his wife.

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  • Mustapha Mandarin

    Only one thing I don’t understand is why, if Eveline wanted Ethan to help create a family, does she choose to have Mia try and kill him at the beginning?

    • if Eveline wanted Ethan to help create a family, does she choose to have Mia try and kill him at the beginning?

      Because Ethan was trying to take Mia away.

  • Send in the Killer Clowns

    I loved playing this game but I hated the fact that I had to kill Evelyn in either ending. Everyone kept calling her a bitch but wasn’t it really just Mia and her people that turned her into a bioweapon which messed up her mind? She didn’t have a choice in being a bioweapon and then the person who’s supposed to look after her keeps calling her a bitch, locking her in a cell for experimentation, and saying nasty stuff like they were never a family (remember she has the mind of a child). When choosing between Zoe and Mia I considered Mia to be the evil one.
    Even during the final boss fight when she was a full-on monster, Evelyn kept saying “Why does everyone hate me? I just wanted a family…” Really pitiful stuff right there.

    • That’s a good point.

      I think part of it, though, is that she was designed to be a bioweapon… she was never not going to be a weapon. She was genetically engineered for that purpose. I can’t imagine anyone being too “cozy” about something they know they’ve created for the sole purpose of being a weapon.

      I guess the other side of it is that Evelyn was never going to be normal and was never going to be “okay”, no matter how they treated her. She was unstable and dangerous, I don’t really know what would have been the proper way to deal with her other than extermination. She had the ability to psychically manipulate you into doing whatever she wanted.

  • thelaughingwiseman

    Ugh, such an annoying character shouldn’t be considered the good ending. A shame Zoe had to die. She was actually productive to keeping Ethan alive. Mia been lying the whole time and kept Ethan in the dark. I hope Zoe is alive in the other dlc

    • I’m sure they’ll expand and explore both Lucas and Zoe’s fates in the DLC for the “true ending”. It is Capcom after all.

      • Disqusted

        Ugghh. Forgot about that.

        I’m watching some streams of RE7, and I think they’re more fun than I’d get from playing the game myself. Seeing people’s reactions and thoughts, etc.

    • Keona

      Mia had to lie for good reason though, keeping a virus experiment under wraps. She even told him NOT to come, and to basically just save himself and go live a normal life. She was also being controlled by Eveline, JFC. Try thinking outside your own emotions, or is your childish answer stemming from an ex- gf or wife that hurt you and lied to you. Grow up, get over it, and get real.

      • Giohazard

        Well… Mia works taking care of a Biological weapon, same “weapon” who killed zoe’s family; so… im not saying she’s totally guilty and deserves to die, but definitelly zoe really deserves to live, because Bakers family are the real victims here (not sure for lucas) but zoe and parents suffer a collateral damage from the mia’s babysitting service…

        • thelaughingwiseman

          That is the thing too. I figured Mia must have been working with some bad people if they were creating Biological weapons. I did not feel bad when I finally understood why she “went missing” and actually felt compelled to help Zoe. Next thing you know it, Zoe is being disintegrated in front of my eyes and it turns out to be the bad ending for saving one family member who was not too far gone.

          • Send in the Killer Clowns

            Yeah, seems ridiculous that you can’t save Zoe at all. I gave her the injection because she seemed knowledgeable about how to get out of the situation but Mia just continued to lie to you over and over. Even when the boat stopped, Zoe tells you that Evelyn doesn’t want you to leave but Mia just keeps her mouth shut instead of telling you what’s going on. DLC’s probably going to kill her off.

      • thelaughingwiseman

        Yeah, attack me personally for not liking a character. You offered a good point in the first part none the less. Despite that, it is not a good reason to keep lying to Ethan considering the circumstances they were in when he found her. Why even get a hold of Ethan if she did not want him to look for him? “Crying for help” is what its called. She knew he would try to look for her. They were constantly staring down death and it took him getting the antidote with the help of another (more deserving) person and giving Mia the cure to get her to talk. More like a remorseful act on her part. “I guess I can now tell you, since you saved me and all”.
        She came in with a girl to a remote home, and indoctrinated that family to Eve’s will. She knew she was not able to see Ethan again unless she sent out a beacon (despite it being a “warning”). And she never once hinted at the truth of her situation. Yeah, it is bad writing on Capcom’s part but it does not take away from the fact that she was a poor character. It was annoying that she got to be considered the “good ending” while Zoe is considered a bad ending. I can at least take solace in the fact that Zoe’s where abouts are unknown in the “good ending”.

  • Disqusted

    I saw some people saying the guy who claims to be Redfield is actually Hunk pretending to be Chris. No idea how true that is, though.

    I think this game is a weird mix of RE4 and PT. You can tell they tried to do the Japanese horror thing with the evil psychic girl, mixed with virus stuff.

    This is just me, but I prefer old survival horrors like the original Resident Evil games. The old REs had their fair share of problems, though. Started going through RE0 for the first time recently, and the clunky controls and design (no storage box, WTF?) make that game so “difficult”.

    • That’s the first thing that came to mind. I was like “Hey, that’s Hunk!” and then said “Hi, I’m Redfield”… and I was like “Huh? That’s not Chris!”

      It could be Hunk… and his name could be Redfield. Maybe he’s related to Chris and Claire?

      • Disqusted

        Good point. Hunk Redfield, Chris and Claire’s long lost daddy.