Rime Trailer Confirms Nintendo Switch Release

Tequila Works have been working on Rime for years now, a sort of Legend of Zelda-style adventure puzzle game. Every year or so we’ve received a new trailer or teaser, but this time around they announced that the game will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch.

The trailer instantly seems to contain some Last Guardian and Okami vibes. The art-style stands out for sure and it’s cool how it’s hard to tell the actual gameplay from the cinematics, which makes it pretty easy to almost view the game as a film of sorts.

The two minute trailer features some brand new gameplay segments, including the little boy getting chased by a bird creature, the little boy getting chased by a bipedal brick-bot, and the little boy getting chased by bad weather. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of IGN.

Now the first thing a lot of people thought was “Did they just make that little boy darker?” And I nearly thought the same thing. However, I went into this little time machine called the search engine, and typed in “Rime gameplay” and it pulled up a list of trailers as far back as 2014.

Now if you check the gameplay trailers from way back then, you’ll see that Tequila Works already had the kid pretty dark. The only difference was that a lot of the trailers back then took place at night so the complexion of his skin wasn’t as obvious. Check out the trailer below from Minute Gameplays.

As you can see, he’s still as dark as he was two years ago.

So no, they did not spend two years trying to make the little boy darker.

The real highlight, though, is that Rime is confirmed for release on the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not it’ll be a launch game remains to be seen but if it did happen to arrive this March, then that would be a huge boost both for Rime and the Nintendo Switch‘s launch line-up.

They don’t roll out a release date for the game, but it will also appear on the PS4, Xbox One and on Steam for PC. For more information on the game you can visit the official Rime Game website. So far it looks fantastic to me, and there’s a bit of Journey, Cloud and Ico tucked in there, which could make it an easy breakout sleeper-hit of 2017 (assuming it release in 2017).


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