Russian Car Driver Guide: Here’s How To Park And Drift

Looking for a guide on Atriagames and Falcoware’s Russian Car Driver? If so, this guide will cover how to park and drift, and understand how to do both with ease. The car game is out now for Android devices and PC via Steam.

Participating in a race through the countryside, dashing through the rally, and meeting the finish line at the end of a drag race all sounds like a ton of fun, but if you don’t know how to park or drift correctly in Russian Car Driver it’s likely that you’ll stumble into many problems along the way.

In this guide you’ll learn how to handle your car on the blacktops or through the mud to claim racing dominance over other competitors. Firstly, you will need to learn how to park your car, although it’s pretty simple to park there are some benefits that you’ll acquire along the way when practicing your parking skills.

It’s best to change your gear settings to Manual instead of leaving it on Automatic when trying to get gold in the Parking areas. To do this go to Options, Controls and switch Gear Setup to Manual. It’s recommended by quite a bit of players to mostly use the 2nd gear, which will ensure you to have no problem beating the 1st place time.

A video guide below shows exactly how to park thanks to Veedi. Note: if the video won’t play you can head directly to it by hitting up his official video.

Next is one of the most sickest, sleekest and most useful tricks a car can do to get ahead in a race, if done correctly, which is drifting. The art of drifting (depending on the game) can be very difficult, while other games let players press one button to initiate the process. In this game it can be hard if you are not familiar with the mechanics, but thanks to Steam user CoLdy, who posted up a helpful guide, you can look over his setup on how to drift with perfection.

Turn off Steering Help, make sure the Gear Setup is on Manual, turn on ABS, turn off Traction Control and turn off ESP.

To complete any of the challenges you must start on the 2nd gear and shift up to the 4th gear. He, too, notes that using Manual gear shifting is very helpful in that you can use the keys A to Gear Up and Z to Gear Down.

Once you are up to the 4th gear make sure your car is going around 4,000rpm (revolution per minute) and 50-60km/h (around 30-40mph) and then try to make a big circle steering left or right to make the drifting process manifest on track.

Another video guide is available for you to look over that comes in by Mopixie Games.

Russian Car Driver is currently available for $0.99 on Steam and for free on Android devices on the Google Play store. Now that you know how to park and Drift you can be like these guys in the 90’s.


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