Sea Of Thieves Lets You Dig For Treasure And Allows Someone Else To Steal It

One of the few exclusives Microsoft still has left in the bag for the Xbox One just received a new gameplay video. Rare’s Sea of Thieves is due out for PC and Xbox One this year, and the new co-op gameplay video gives gamers a quick look inside the gameplay.

The video covers how they’ve broken up the gameplay elements so that multiple players will have different tasks on the ship. The design is mimicked after Astrum Nival’s Allods Online‘s astral ship design, where the helmsman was down below the deck up front steering the ship, the navigator was in the back in the captain’s quarters plotting and navigating through the astral plane, several players were manning the guns, and another player would be down in the bowels of the ship making repairs and maintaining cooling.

In Sea of Thieves, it’s quite similar, with the navigation chart being just below deck, the helmsman being above deck, and the rest of the crew working handling the other tasks necessary to keep the ship operational.

RabidRetrospectGames rolled out the new video that you can check out below.

They also discuss how one player will be in charge of using the map to help designate where to go, while the others will need to use the information in order to search for treasure, avoid reefs and rocks while on the ship, or track down some other mission objective.

Digging for treasure is kind of cool… multiple players can dig up the chests but you won’t get the actual money until you can turn the chests in at a checkpoint. Until you cash in the chest, however, you can lose it to rival players who might pull up and shoot you in the back and take it. Alternatively they might lurk around the checkpoint and blast you down with a blunderbuss and turn in the chest and get the money you thought you were going to get.

The game is supposedly due for release at some point during the first quarter of 2017 but it still doesn’t have a release date set in stone… yet. You can keep track of the development by visiting the official Sea of Thieves website.


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