SNK Reveals New RPG Title For iOS And Android Devices

Are you a fan of mobile RPGs? If you can’t get enough of your iOS or Android device and enjoy gaming on them, SNK has announce that a new game is in the works for said platforms. Mixing an academic story and hero drama together, the new game is slated to release in the spring of this year.

Holding a release date of 2017 and following under the popular RPG genre, according to SNK the game at least isn’t described as a pachinko game, but an “academic story” with “hero drama” elements mixed into the core experience.

Something that we also have for visual reference that this game is currently in the works comes in thanks to the official site that SNK has up for this project.

You can check out a new image showing what is assumed to be the main hero (to the right) and two other character (on left-hand side), with text at the top of the image reading “New RPG Project Coming 2017!”

In addition to the main site for the game we see four characters, and one of which that resembles a playable fighter that made an appearance in Fatal Fury and The King of Fighter, Tizoc — commonly known as Griffon Mask.

The upcoming and entirely new project due out for smartphones will gain additional information in the near future, but while we wait for more info to hit the scene, SNK put out applications for voice actors to play the game’s poster child (or mascot character), Usataro. For more info on said matter you can visit

I’m not sure how the actual project will turn out on release, but it seems that a lot of folks are a bit leery about this title in that they think it might be an endless game or something without depth. As of this moment only time will tell how the mobile game will turn out, but in the meantime you can check out the main site — if it seems like something of interest.


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