Splatoon 2 Set For Release Summer 2017 For Nintendo Switch
splatoon 2

During the live-stream presentation from Tokyo, Japan for the big pricing and launch date details for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo unveiled a slew of new and upcoming games for their new home console, one of which includes Splatoon 2, set for release in the summer of 2017.

The trailer reveals all new paint-splattering maps to play across, some new paint weapons to utilize, as well as some new squid kids to utilize on the battlefield. This includes various new teams, a new splat cannon that launches players across the map, a new grenade launcher, some new jetpacks and tons more. They pack a ton of content into the minute and a half long trailer where they quickly scroll through tons of new features for the sequel to the smash hit, Splatoon. You can check out the trailer below.

There’s a lot to glean from the trailer, including the new dual-wielding splat guns, which will allow players to not only boost with them but also deal double the paint to their opponents (or the environment).

The trailer also appears to hint at a new story mode in the game, possibly gaining a single-player campaign that people had hoped would be in the original Splatoon, which released back in 2015.

A lot of the other core elements still appear to be the same, including the online city hub, where players can walk around, interact with other toons and customize their character.

Splatoon 2 Logo

For the most part it doesn’t appear as if too much else has changed, but the game definitely looks extremely smooth and so much faster than the original Splatoon.

Again, details on the release date and price were thin but we do know that Splatoon 2 will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch this upcoming summer. Expect to see this game make a big presence at the upcoming E3 event.

For more info don’t hesitate to visit the official Nintendo website.


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