Story Of Seasons: Trio Of Towns Launches February 28th On Nintendo 3DS
Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

XSeed Games and Marvelous Entertainment released a new trailer recently for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. They also announced that the release date for the game is set for the end of February next month on the Nintendo 3DS.

The trailer covers all of the basic ingredients that make up a Harvest Moon title, including harvesting crops, planting strawberries, tending to the animals, milking the cows, tilling the fields, and even cleaning up the coops.

The trailer is just under two minutes long and features most of the basic gameplay mechanics you can expect from the casual farming title.

As usual, fishing makes a return, along with mining, and the ability to visit three new towns this time around. As usual, there are various NPCs to interact with, new romances to woo, and new events to get involved in.

The game is definitely a far cry from what sort of features are present in new-school farming sims like Stardew Valley, but if you don’t have a gaming PC (even though you could practically run Stardew Valley on the most decrepit of potatoes) and you still have your Nintendo 3DS laying about, you can look to get in on the farming action starting February 28th.

The Story of Seasons is basically the new replacement for Harvest Moon. XSeed and Marvelous have taken over following in the footsteps of Natsume. They released several other Harvest Moon games on the 3DS. The whole thing is trapped in a copyright name mess so certain regions get certain games from Natsume while other regions get the games from Marvelous and XSeed.

If you already played Stardew Valley and you’re looking for something new, or if you haven’t played it but you’re still looking for something new, you can check out Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns starting at the end of next month on February 28th.


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