Super Blackjack Battle II: Turbo Edition Combines Cards And Old-School Brawling Antics
Super Blackjack Battle II

Headup Games and Stage Clear Studios decided to do something completely different with the billiard room card genre. Instead of making a realistic casino game, a backroom poker game, or a gambling title featuring typical casino games, they decided instead to combine 1990’s style 2D brawlers with blackjack. What did they come up with Super Blackjack Battle II: Turbo Edition.

The announcement trailer recently went out to give gamers a glimpse at what Headup has in store with their inventive new cross-genre game. It features 12 different characters, each with their own themes, and centers around a crime family’s casino in Las Vegas, where a tournament takes place in a game of life and death to determine who is the best at blackjack.

You can check out the trailer below.

The game sees players having to travel the world, duking it out with other card players as they move up the ranks and eventually challenge the Godfather in a final duel at the top of his casino.

The 16-bit inspired sprite work looks good. I don’t know if they’ll have inter-match cutscenes featuring the dynamic looking sequences they showed off in the trailer, but if they do then it’ll definitely add to the appeal of the game.

Super Blackjack Battle II: Turbo Edition is due for release this upcoming spring for mobile devices, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately there’s no Nintendo Switch version on the horizon, but maybe we’ll see a port if Nintendo’s console does well.

I have to give Headup and Stage Clear Studios props for at least trying something a little new with the whole card game motif. For some reason this gen developers seem really afraid to step outside the comfort zones, so hopefully we’ll get to see more developers stepping outside the box throughout 2017.


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