Super Bomberman R Launches In March For Nintendo Switch
Super Bomberman R

There were a ton of games on display during the live-stream event of the Nintendo Switch presentation that took place in Tokyo, Japan on January 12th. Some of those games didn’t really get much of a spotlight as Nintendo zipped and zoomed through them in order to cover all of the relevant information for their upcoming hybrid home console. Well, one of those games that didn’t get much attention was Konami’s Super Bomberman R.

The publisher announced that they’re still making games (no matter how small) and have scheduled to release the new top-down action game for the Nintendo Switch at some point in March, both at retail and via digital distribution.

They released a very, very, very snappy 30 second trailer covering all of the basic gameplay information for the upcoming title, including the story mode, some of the new features, some of the new levels and what gamers can expect out of the multiplayer-themed party game. You can check it out below.

The trailer starts by informing Super Bomberman fans that the upcoming Super Bomberman R will feature an all new story campaign mode that also features two-player cooperative play. This is a nice little throwback to the old Bomberman arcade games that allowed two players to join forces and battle it out cooperatively.

The campaign mode will also feature boss battles in intricately designed arenas, and the classic return of the eight player PvP modes.

They don’t explain if the game will feature eight-player local and eight-player online, or if it’s just one or the other, or if you can mix and match the two. What would be really cool is if they allowed up to four people to play on one Nintendo Switch and then head online to take on four other people from around the world. That was one of the cool things about some of the other games in Nintendo’s catalog, where a few local players could team up and head online to face off against international players.

Then again, this is Konami we’re talking about and they haven’t been pro-consumer or pro-developer for years. We’ll have to wait for more info leading up to the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch this March.


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