Super Mario Odyssey Video Clip Reveals Basic Moves
Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey looks to have captured the curiosity of some gamers while putting off others. The only way to find out if the game is good or not is to wait for more gameplay videos or to play it when it rolls out. Seeing how we have a ways to go before the game drops, a recent video hit the scene covering Mario’s basic moves in Super Mario Odyssey. The game is set to release for the Nintendo Switch during this year’s holiday season.

To be honest I don’t really know how this game will be on release. I say this because I’m not sure if this game will be an interesting game from the outside looking in and once in play it falls off quickly, or if it brings that non-stop fun that Super Mario 64 contains.

The only way to know is by waiting at this point, but while we wait a recent video by Nintendo has been released showing a small clip of our certain plumber’s mobile skills. Like in past and recent games in the Mario series the list of acrobatic moves and platform skills can still be used throughout the game to get to hard to reach locations.

The one minute long clip of gameplay comes from a stage demonstration during the Nintendo Switch Experience 2017 event in Tokyo, which was posted up not too long ago. The video contains the following actions: Three-step jump, long jump, back flip, butt smash, interactive climbing, basic attack, and the new move hat toss/platform hat.

The beginning of the video shows a lot of Mario 64, which you can skip and jump straight to the latest version (better known as Super Mario Odyssey) that starts at 15:29 and ends at 16:48. If you want a better look at the event quickly, time stamps sit below showing what takes place in the video posted by Nintendo.

  • Super Mario 645:36 to 7:55
  • Super Mario Sunshine  – 8:21 to 9:40
  • Super Mario Odyssey Trailer12:00 to 14:40
  • Super Mario Odyssey Basic Actions 15:29 to 16:48

If you are excited and seek to play Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo is set to release the game sometime during the holiday season of this year.


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