Syberia 3 Announced For Nintendo Switch With New Trailer
Syberia 3 Nintendo Switch

Microids, the Paris-based game studio, announced that Syberia 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. They don’t say when the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, only that they will announce the release date for the game soon.

In the press release, Elliot Grassiano, the vice president of Microïds, commented about the game coming to the Nintendo Switch and Microids supporting the console, saying…

“We can’t wait to see Syberia fans discover Kate Walker’s new adventure on Nintendo Switch.” […] “Nintendo, with the Switch, brings one more time a whole new innovative vision to the game industry and we are proud to be part of it.”

They didn’t let the opportunity pass them by to also drop a new six minute gameplay trailer from Syberia 3 that you can check out below.

The gameplay footage for Syberia 3 still takes place in the hospital where Kate Walker is located. So far they’ve centered a lot of the gameplay and promotional material around the game at the hospital, likely to avoid spoiling other locations and story elements for fans.

The upcoming game runs on a new engine, offering gamers a fully realized 3D world to interact with, as well as improved graphics, shadow, shader and lighting effects, in addition to more interactivity options for fans of the point-and-click game series.

They’ve been slowly rolling out new info and details on the upcoming title, announcing things like the soundtrack being composed by Inon Zur, the composer behind popular AAA franchises like Fallout 4 and Prince of Persia, and Dragon Age… when it was good.

The game has a tentative March release right now, but they didn’t clarify if that would also mean that the Nintendo Switch version would also launch in March. We’ll likely have to stay tuned to find out. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam page.


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