Tattletail Gameplay Walkthrough

Indie game Tattletail came out on Steam back at the end of December in 2016 from Waygetter Electronics and Little Flag Software. The game takes place across several days during the week of Christmas in 1998. The horror game has become quite popular and for gamers looking for a way to complete the title, there’s a complete walkthrough guide available for Tattletail.

You can jump, walk, and explore the house as a young boy. The Unity 3D-powered game sees you exploring the house across several nights, the first of which requires you to venture into the basement to unwrap your Christmas gift early…. which contains the Tattletail toy. YouTuber Mr. Kravin does a full playthrough of the game from start to finish, as well as points out all the collectible locations of the eggs in Tattletail. You can check out the video below.

After you venture into the basement and grab the Tattletail toy, venture upstairs and head to the refrigerator and feed the toy. Then head to the living room and brush him using the brush.

Wrap the Tattletail toy back up in the box in the basement. You can also gather up an egg by the box in the basement, along with an egg just outside the front door of the house, and an egg on the dresser of your room. The phone will ring but don’t answer it. Head to bed to finish Night 1.

During Night 2 you’ll need to investigate the thumping sound – it comes from the basement, so head down into the basement and turn off the washing machine. The Tattletail toy will be on the washing machine. There’s an egg on the floor you can collect. You’ll need to recharge the battery of the toy by going to the charging station next to the chair in the basement.

Another egg is on the dryer in the other room near the vase that you play with. The lights will go out so you’ll need to grab a flashlight. Shake the flashlight to keep it lit up.

There’s also an egg behind the chair where the charging station is, so you can grab that before wrapping Tattletail back up into the box.

You can go to sleep to finish Night 2 and start Night 3.

You’ll need to investigate the grinding noises coming from out of the basement where a string of eggs will be on the ground.

Follow the noise to the Mama Tattletail where you’ll need to place the cassette into the Mama. Simply follow the eggs in the basement to reach the Mama.

Head upstairs and grab Tattletail and then take it to Mam in the basement. You’ll find another egg where Mama used to be.

Wrap up the toy and head upstairs and clean up the mess that Tattletail left.

You’ll need to avoid Mama, who will be upstairs. When you see Mama the flashlight will turn off, back away and avoid coming in contact with Mama. Wait for Mama to leave and then head to bed after cleaning up the mess. This will end Night 3.

For Night 4 you will need to investigate the Tattletail chatter coming from the garage. You’ll need to play hide and seek with Tattletail and its friend, but first you’ll need to survive for 30 seconds against Mama.

You’ll need to play a second game of hide and seek with Tattletail’s friend. However, you’ll need to keep Tattletail fed and groomed and charged while his mother tries to kill you.

The concept of the game is like a mix between Gremlins and Child’s Play.

If you don’t already own the game, you can pick up a copy of the game from over on the Steam store for only $4.99. It has generally positive reviews.


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