The Belko Experiment Second Trailer Keeps It Tight, Violent And Tense

The second trailer for The Belko Experiment keeps it fast and tight. It’s a taut little compilation of some extreme violence and thought-provoking scenarios without giving any of the movie away.

The producers and marketing team have done a fine job of keeping the intrigue intact with The Belko Experiment without letting the trailer ruin the movie-going experience for movie goers. Lately there’s been a tendency to have trailers throw the whole kit and caboodle out onto the interwebs giving away the first, second and third act of the film (like Batman v Superman). But both trailers for The Belko Experiment avoid that altogether. You can check it out for yourself courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

It’s very similar to the first trailer, only shorter and tighter. We get the gist of it all within the minute time span and not a second too soon or too late.

The movie is being described as a cross between Office Space and Battle Royale, where mundane office workers are forced into an experiment where they must survive by killing 30 of the 80 people who work in the building. This naturally results in a bloodbath taking place, given that some people just want to go home, others don’t want to kill, and some can’t wait to kill.

There’s elements of The Killing Room and The Exam in there, along with a little bit of SAW 2 and Cabin in the Woods.

There are a lot of people in the comment section hoping that this movie lives up to being as good as the trailer makes it out to be. If the violence is shocking but palatable and the plot moves along without getting dragged down in slow or boring sequences, then this could be a nice, fun little hard-R romp to help kick 2017’s winter nuts into spring.

Fancy seeing The Belko Experiment in theaters? Well, you won’t have to wait long because it’s due for release on March 17th.

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