The Flame in The Flood Gameplay Walkthrough
The Flame in the Flood

The Molasses Flood’s rogue-like, water-rafting survival game, The Flame In The Flood, has released on the PS4, completing the trifecta of platforms it’s available on, including Xbox One and PC. For gamers needing a bit of a walkthrough guide to help with getting through a few of the areas and gathering supplies, this article might help you out a bit.

You have the option of starting a new campaign or playing the endless mode. After choosing a campaign you can also choose the difficulty setting at the start of the game. YouTuber spinningmantis offers a complete walkthrough of the game from start to finish. Be mindful that his first few attempts aren’t entirely successful but he does make quick progress after failing a few times and advancing on his mistakes throughout the near 30 video playthrough.

The start of the game runs you through the tutorial. You can press ‘Y’ or Triangle to access the inventory. You can pick up items and resources highlighted around the environment. You can combine items by holding down the L2/Left Trigger to highlight items and combine them together.

In order to craft you have to sit by a fire, open the crafting menu and make the highlighted item. Hold down ‘X’ (or ‘A’ on Xbox) to access the fire. Highlight “Sit” and then you can access the crafting menu.

In order to make the basic tools, such as a knife, you’ll need 2 flint and 1 braided cord. You’ll need a cat tail to make a braided cord.

You’ll need to leave the area to acquire the necessary items to build your basic tools. There are 10 different river regions you can visit.

Proceed to head to the dock and head to the next town. You’ll find places to dock highlighted on the map with orange icons. Hold back on the left stick to slow down the raft while prepping to dock. When you get close enough, press ‘A’ (or ‘X’) to dock.

Each new camp site should have a fire. Find the fire to use it in order to craft new gear and items. You may find a flint at one of the nearby camps inside of a crate. You can fill up the empty jar you find with water by stepping into water and holding down the left trigger, selecting the jar and then pressing “Fill Jar” to fill it up with water. Keep in mind most of the water will be polluted, so you will need to craft a water filter before you can drink the water.

If you don’t find what you need at the first camp you visit, you can venture to the next camp. One of the places you might encounter early in your journeys is the church isle, Ilium.

You might find a stitching kit and other useful gear on the isle. If you encounter a Black Wolf you can use ‘X’ (or Square) to stave him off, but you’ll need to run away until you get better equipped.

Spinningmantis didn’t make it very far into the game the first time around, but tried again.

Given the emergent element of the game some of the items may randomize as you visit some places.

You can visit the Rustwater Stations to acquire gas or repair your raft if it incurs damage, or upgrade your raft if you need to make it easier to control on the water. The raft stations are highlighted with buildings that look like cobbled together gas stations. Their icons should show a gas station on it.

Make sure that if you plan on filling up jars with liquids that you have multiple jars. If you have only one jar be sure to use it only for water at the start of the game until you can gain access to a second jar.

If you’re lucky you may find additional flints at the Bystrouska farm, along with a few other items. If inventory space is short, be sure to use the raft at the dock to store non-essential items. You can store items on the raft by heading to the dock, opening your inventory and setting the items from your inventory into the raft’s inventory. Doing this will allow you to keep your inventory free for crafting consumable items when you need them while exploring the isles without worrying about space.

You can also use Aesop the dog to store some items for you as well.

Centuria is another camp site with a lit fire that you can visit to grab a few items. There’s a small shack that you can use to sleep along with some boxes nearby that can be looted. There’s a mail box on Centuria that you can also use to pick up an additional quest.

If you need a place to gather up clean water you can loot Grandpa Chuck’s Farm, which has a well that you can use.

Kumas Sleepy Woods features a fire and some lootable items, along with a new Yucca Harvest goal, but there’s a wild boar and a black wolf roaming the isle. You might also find the Feral Children on the isle depending on when you arrive.

There are also wilderness type locations, such as Zona de Vino. They’re light on mechanical supplies but can sometimes offer decent herbal remedies.

JYM Huang Rock has some feral children on it that can give you an arrow schematic that you can use for a bow and arrow set.

You can craft the arrows using 2 feathers, 1 sapling and 1 flint.

Unless you’re well equipped, you might want to avoid places like Moodus Farm, which has some very dangerous animals to contend with.

If you happen upon Harpen’s Bend it’s a decent little farm with clean water a few supplies you can pick up to help you along the way.

The Mernes church isle also has some dangerous boars you’ll need to look out for.

Cory Jones Memorial Utopia is the opposite, though. You’ll potentially find a stitching kit at the church isle along with a mail box with a Fletcher goal.

Camp Molinari is a camp worth visiting given that it always has a lit fire, and if you loot the shack it sometimes has a fish hook inside.

Lacrimis’ filling station is further into the game beyond the rapids with the damaged buildings. You’ll find some new schematics – such as a raft schematic – inside some of the broken down old cars. The area is discovered in the video at around the 34 minute mark.

Talon Park, through the Thistledew Marsh, is a medical station you can visit that will offer you a few needed medical supplies, but keep in mind that there are multiple wolves there.

Mike’s Folly is a little bit safer despite being light on supplies. You’ll also find a knit hat in one of the car trunks if the RNG falls favorably on your side. This will help with combating body temperature drops and hypothermia.


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