The Flame In The Flood, Survival Game Launches On PS4
The Flash in the Flood

The isometric survival game, The Flame In The Flood, from developer The Molasses Flood has finally arrived for the PlayStation 4. The game previously released for PC and Xbox One, but the developers have finally managed to put together the complete edition and roll it out for Sony’s home console.

The Flame In The Flood originally came out back on February 24th for PC and Xbox One. Players take on the role of Scout, a survivor, and Aesop the dog. The objective is to survive by gathering supplies, building a raft and exploring the world at large while attempting to keep Scout alive.

Much like other survival games released in the past, especially Don’t Starve, players must keep Scout warm and energized, as well as well fed to avoid starvation. The game features permadeath so it’s one of those things where you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on Scout to avoid ending up in an irreversible situation.

There’s a cool launch trailer for the PS4 that was released to highlight some of the gameplay that you can check out below.

Graphically the game has a neat diorama design. It’s not quite paper-mâché like Don’t Starve, but the art-style reminds me a little bit of a Dreamworks cartoon. That shouldn’t be too surprising given that many of the developers working at The Molasses Flood are ex-AAA developers and they know their way around a game or two.

Even though The Flame in the Flood is a year late to PS4, it looks solid. However, there’s the issue of PS4 gamers being flooded lately with a lot of indie games, and it’s tough right now to tell how well they’ll take to a game as well designed as The Flame in the Flood given the poor offerings of PS Plus titles recently.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game from the PlayStation Store. Alternatively, the game is still available for the PC and Xbox One, assuming you don’t have Sony’s latest home console.


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