The Moonstone Equation Lands On Steam Greenlight

While it’s nothing too fancy, for Greenlight standards The Moonstone Equation actually looks pretty decent. Similar to other 2D games like Terrarai and Starbound, The Moonstone Equation is story driven game filled with puzzle/platform segments elements. The game is set to release for PC this Summer and is seeking votes on Greenlight.

At this point there are hundreds of games out there now like the aforementioned games, but seeing how Greenlight can go a long time without an entry that’s worth writing home about, The Moonstone Equation looks like a small indie game that seems like it could be cool if done right.

Heavily based on science and exploration, the game is a single player puzzler with platform elements mixed in its core. If you are fan of 2D games this might be a game worth keeping an eye on, which the description for the game is up for you to read.

“The Moonstone Equation is a single player puzzle/platform game about science and curiosity presented in a modern pixel art style. It’s set in and around a remote hilltop research facility built specifically to investigate some mysterious inscriptions carved into pieces of moon rock found buried within the hillside.”

Although there isn’t much gameplay shown in the trailer, besides a few puzzles being solved, the video does stand to show the game’s overall concept and story in a minute long package.

The trailer above comes in by Andy Buck‘s channel.

The dev notes that the game draws inspiration from games like The Talos Principle, Monument Valley and other mysterious puzzle games. I should also point out that there are no enemies and very little threats due to the dev wanting a focus on the player shaping the story and narrative as they progress, even when not playing the game — which means different things will occur when logging back into the game.

If this game seems interesting you can learn more by heading over to Steam Greenlight.


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