The Other 99 Updated With Improved Survival Mechanics, Combat

Two of the biggest complaints about Burning Arrow and Deck13’s The Other 99 was that the survival aspects were hampered by a lot of quick regeneration and that the combat felt clumsy and stiff. Burning Arrow has been seeing and seeding those criticisms into the fixes and upgrades they have for The Other 99.

The developers recently announced that the most recent update actually addresses both the survival aspects and the combat of The Other 99. Over on the Steam page they announced that the survival overhaul includes slower health regeneration, so players are required to scavenge more for health supplies and medical kits, and this feeds into how players traverse and take damage from the environment, as well as having to pace for combat.

Speaking of combat, a lot of people complained about the AI not being responsive enough and the combat itself being kind of clunky. Well, they heard the cries, saw the criticism and read the reviews. They’ve completely improved the combat in The Other 99. AI will now be way may more vicious, attacking you more frequently and using a wider range of attacks to take you down.

Players will be required to use more strategic combat maneuvers, including blocking and maneuvering to avoid being overwhelmed by the AI.

In addition to the combat they’ve also altered the stamina usage and durability of each weapon, along with tweaking their damage values so each weapon has a pro and a con and is better reflected in how they can be utilized in the game.

Other changes include pathfinding optimizations and improvements for the AI, lessening the amount of cycles required from the CPU to process their whereabouts on the island. This also means improved frame-rate performance and big gains on the CPU overhead. They’ve also carried these optimization opportunities over into the lighting and light effects, giving gamers better distinction between day and night phases, along with improved ambient lighting and physical based rendering from lit fires and individual light sources.

Eight new trading cards have also been added on the user engagement front, giving gamers an opportunity to collect and trade new cards to unlock new goodies on the front-end. The 0.4 update arrives just ahead of another really huge update that they have planned to roll out for The Other 99 soon.

You can check the game out over on the Early Access page if you want to learn more.


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