The Wild Eight Early Access Release Date Set For February 8th

HypeTrain announced recently that their story-oriented survival game set within the Alaskan wilderness called The Wild Eight will be available starting February 8th. The indie title will carry a $19.99 price tag with it, making it a budget priced entry once it becomes available.

The news recently went out after the developers made an announcement about the release date and price over on the Steam community page. The game will be added to Steam’s Early Access, giving the team time to work on the title and upgrade it over time leading up to its full release. They mention in the post that they’ve completely reworked the upgrade system as The Wild Eight head towards the Early Access release on February 8th.

The upgrade and skill system isn’t the only thing that was reworked, they also made sure that the multiplayer mode was primed and ready as well. They mention in the post…

“Multiplayer mode will work from the day one and the game will have long hours of adventures. Don’t forget that The Wild Eight – unlike most of other games we all see on Steam today – is both challenging survival sandbox and a story-driven experience with quests. I really hope you’ll love it as much as we do.”

The game sees players taking on the roles of eight survivors stranded after a plane crash in the far north Alaskan Wilderness. Players will have to hunt animals, stay warm, and explore the area to find a way out of their terrible situation.

The Steam store page doesn’t exactly say how long The Wild Eight will be in Early Access, or when the full release would be made, but I imagine that info will go up soon sometime during the Early Access launch of the game.

You can keep up to date on the crowdfunded indie game from HypeTrain Digital by checking out the Steam store page.

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