Tiger Knight: Empire War Announces Rome Release Date And More

Wow, these developers move fast. They literally just finished the new optimization update and bug fixes, and now they are moving on to more content. But I’m not complaining!

Yesterday, on January 20th, 2017, the development team at Netdragon and Oasis Games, posted on the Tiger Knight: Empire War Steam Discussion page that they will be releasing the new Roman content update soon, which will include a few other new goodies as well in their next major update.

The Romans will be invading sometime in the middle of February 2017. That’s right, just a little under a month to wait! This also means that the new Rome update will add an entire roster of new troops for you to unlock, each having their own unique set of weapons, armor, and skills.

As you can see from the above picture, it looks like all 10 tiers have been designed and are ready to go, but I’m not sure if all 10 tiers will be released all at once (it sounds like they will be).

What I mean is that the basic three factions for Wu, Shu, and Wei, started with 7 tiers unlocked, then they added the 8th tier in later. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they start us off with 8 tiers, then release the final two after they get feedback and make balance adjustments. But if that was the case, why show all 10 in the teaser picture? So we can speculate that the entire infantry row will be available when the update launches.

The Roman empire’s weapons consists of using shorts sword Gladius style weapons, large shields, and heavy javelins that can also be used as a spear. I wonder how that works? How do you switch from spear throwing mode to melee mode, or is it two different weapons? I’d like to see how they design the new Roman weapons!

It sounds like Rome will be a tank style faction because they will also gain special formations, including the Testudo (tortoise) Formation; that should make battles quite interesting. This automatically means that new Roman Adjutants are also coming to the battlefield since they are the ones that issue commands for different combat formations.

Additionally, there will be some new scenes added to the game, such as the Gallic Oppidum, the Black Forest, and the North African Oasis. It sounds like we will also be getting some of these areas as actual new stages, but the announcement post did not go in detail about  it.

However, the development team did say that other units will be coming to the battlefield, so it sounds like we will get the other tiers for Wei, Shu, and Wu’s factions, such as Wei’s light cavalry. Tiger Knight: Empire War will also be getting a new user interface,  as well as some new Epic War battle stages.

You can read the details by heading on over to the Steam Announcement page. Make sure to also visit the Official Tiger Knight website for additional information.


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