To The Hell: Hardcore Platform Arcade Shooter Is Looking To Be Greenlit

Love retro platform arcade shooters? Developer Listege might have something right up your alley. To The Hell is an action-packed, fast paced 2D shooter that is a retro blast to the past.

To The Hell is pretty simple in concept because it appears the entire game will take place on this one elevator as you move through the different levels towards… well… I suppose “The Hell“.

The developer says that the entire world has been taken over by demons and monsters,and it is up to a group of survivors to stop them. You play as one of these survivors fighting off the monsters while on the elevator. One thing the developer pointed out is that you are not literally going to Hell, but the planet itself has more-or-less been transformed into a Hell-like state due to being overrun by monsters.

To The Hell will feature classic arcade action-style combat with a variety of unique weapons for you to equip to fight off the evil as you jump, roll and shoot your way to victory. To The Hell also feature a couple of different challenging boss battles that will catch you off guard and attempt to kill you. Oh yeah, you better not die because this game also features Perma-death, so if you die, game over for you; you will have to start all over again from the beginning. The developer released a video to showcase the fast paced action of To The Hell, so check out the gameplay video below.

To The Hell’s developer technically isn’t finished with the game just yet, because the developer says he is planning on adding at least 4 playable Characters with Unique Skills, 15 Different Boss battles, as well as more weapons and upgrades. Furthermore, the developer wants to add in some awesome local co-op so that you can play along with a friend.

If you are interested in supporting this game and would like to learn more, check out their Steam Greenlight page for more details, because they have a few GIF images on there that looks pretty interesting. If you are on the fence, also check out his ITCH.IO page to play a free demo to test the game out.


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